The 88

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The 88
88 logo.png
Name: The 88
In-game name:
Alts: The_88
Status: Very Active
First joined:
Last seen:
Formed: October 28th 2021
Members: Listed in the "Members" Section
Bases: Big Mountain, Balls Town, PvP Town, THCity
Schematic: {{{schematic}}}

Hitler Nazi Youth Ran by a Jewish Man

After the jailing of 1590283112, DKC and many of his friends who did not like 159 decided that they would create their own group with the sole purposes of having fun, becoming rich, and protecting server history. They have created many spawn builds, as well as helped with many projects like The Snail and MSGA projects. They spend most of their days at Big Mountain and around the greater spawn area, searching for new bases and old ones alike.

Humble Origins

During the Covid-19 pandemic, DKC decided to return to minecraft after a long break from playing any major multiplayer servers. This journey lead him to meet Pixl_G and SofieV on a server ran by jake276493 called NOBSMC. This group of players would go to dominate trade, griefing, and PvP on this server forming a group with other notable people like 1590283112 and Ragdety. Once however it became apparent that some of the group members couldn't see eye to eye, the 88 of NOBSMC quickly fell apart as the server fell deeper into inactivity.


After the fallout between 1590283112 and DKC, DKC saw the newly 159 free sim as the perfect place to try and mend the relationships that being friends with 159 had inevitably burned. After bringing