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Ingame name: jake276493
Alts: JakeJakeJake1, JakeJakeJake2, YEEterMyPEEter
Status: Jailed
First joined: Feb 26, 2018

Clans: YeeterMyPeeter, BDG, #EggGang
Bases: EGGTOWN, Struthio, Asguard

jake276493 is a player on SimPvP who has a mixed reputation. At one point he was a blatant hacker, quickly getting banned, then the next year he was the leader of the griefing group, YeeterMyPeeter, who caused mass destruction to bases near spawn,an explorer, a highly respected member of the server, and now, jailed once more.

A "Great" Start

On February, 26, 2018, Jake and his cousin AutisticBot joined SimPvP for the first time and were both using hacked clients. They reaked havok on the server, flying around to kill many people at spawn, just with wooden swords. They quickly got banned and they left and forgot about the server.

YeeterMyPeeter Rises

About exactly 1 year later, Jake and his friends join the server and decide to bring chaos to the server once they found out about all the bases near spawn. They conducted their Famous raid on Novus Castle on February 17, 2019 with Jake taking the lead. The battle was a major success with YMP gaining alot of God armour from the defenders of the castle. The very next day the conducted another 2 raids on bases close to spawn on the server. They both raided Fort Cranberry, and Tamarisk, both being major successes. However, during the Tamarisk raid, Das_Dankaganeer made an offer that YMP couldn't deny. It was the coords to Struthio at the time the most prosperous bases on the whole server, and only for a meager 5 diamond blocks! Without much thought, Bosscoww quickly took on this offer and bought the "coords" to Struthio, now the only thing stopping them from becoming a superpower was actually getting to the base.

The 10 Hour Journey...

Once YMP discovered about the coords to this mouth-watering city, they had to send someone out to get it, and the only person willing to do so was Jake himself. With the determination of 5 year old on Halloween he sets off on his quest to "Struthio" at 539792, 609616. It was a very, very boring quest and a ton of times where Jake nearly found his doom, once even having a glitch to where mobs wouldnt show up on his screen. he FINALLY made it after 10 hours and 23 minutes of holding W and hoping for the best. So he linked his portal and got his friends all hyped and they went through the portal to find.... NOTHING!!! IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING. And somehow after all of this... Jake was not mad. He was not sad. But PhamtomGuy, on the other hand was absolutely pissed about this and went essentially ape-shit in the chat and for no reason. So while this was going on, YMP decided to kick him out of the group, but PhamtomGuy was one step ahead...

The YMP Scandals

Jake, being the big brain player he is, while in a Discord call, told PhamtomGuy that in fact, he was supposed to be banned, on his main account, jake276493. He did not do anything with this information until this event had took down, as it turns out, Phamtom was planing on leaving YMP the whole time, and once Das_Dankaganeer found that Jake had forgotten to unlink his Steam account that was named jake27693, they took the chance and quickly got Jake jailed once more, but this time, YMP decided to go literal Ape Shit on this situation until, eventually, through some very hard bullshitting, got him unjailed, somehow. But Jake, not being satisfied with this victory, immediately came out and confessed to MisterStrawman about how both Tupik, and reiss256362 were actually jake276493, and AuTiSticB0t, and somehow even more lucky then the last time, they were both unjailed on their mains, and this is when a whole new chapter of Jake, and YMP began.


Once Jake was unjailed, he had the strong urge to build a base and get to learn about the server and its players, so after walking out almost 50k blocks overworld, he finally settled on a location and got into bushiness almost immediately and invited BossCoww, and AutisticBot to this new base. This base was a key stepping stone for BDG (Bosscoww, Jake, and AutisticBot) from being simply random raiders on a server into a much more comfortable position in the community. To be continued