The Graveyard

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The Graveyard
Name: The Graveyard

Status: Active

Formed: July 2018

Members: nagol101

The Graveyard is a unique landmark near Spawn created by nagol101 sometime in July 2018. Located in a hills biome, the Graveyard consists of a series of miscellaneous cobblestone blocks placed vertically atop each other, strewn out across the landscape. When viewing it from afar, the Graveyard looks just like its titular name, a graveyard, filled with rows and rows of cobblestone monuments.

The project began when nagol101 came to a nearby base constructed by Fluz43, living there temporarily. After spending days mining for ores, nagol101 ended up with a massive amount of unused cobblestone, and he did not want to waste it. Deciding to try out a unique idea, he began placing two-block-high rows of cobblestone nearby the base, and from there, he continued the project, filling up a majority of the area. Today, the Graveyard is massive in size, and shows no signs of slowing down, with nagol101 periodically adding to its collection.





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