The Stomping Ground

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The Stomping Ground
Name: The Stomping Ground

Status: Griefed and Abandoned

Formed: January 2014

Coords: x=-8500 z=-9200
Members: pippenger, ostrich1414, Mr. Hole Digger

The Stomping Ground was a base founded by pippenger sometime in January 2014. Located in a forest biome surrounded by ocean, the Stomping Ground features a few buildings created by various players, and many of these buildings stand griefed and destroyed today. The Stomping Ground became ostrich1414's first formal base, where he worked on his first major build, as well as his first collaboration with pippenger. Mr. Hole Digger also worked at the Stomping Ground, contributing some of his work here. Some notable features of the base include ostrich1414's house, a (now-griefed) building by Mr. Hole Digger, a castle, and a secret underground lair.

Though record keeping was very poor at the time and many details are not clear, the few things that can be determined are either from memories or clues. Ostrich1414's build, the aptly-named "Pumpkin Mansion", claims to be built on January 24th, 2014. It is also claimed that Rumpslem worked here, though this has yet to be confirmed. Overall, despite being severely griefed and raided, a majority of the Stomping Ground still stands, though its architecture has not aged very well and remains inferior to many of the more modern builds on SimPvP.


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