Trump City

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Trump City
Trump City Overview1.png
Name: Trump City

Status: Greifed and Inactive

Formed: January 2016

Members: clipchip, CreaPat, MisterStrawman, JavelinFury, OrionTheBuilder, katrina47, Maconishma

Trump City was formed in January 2016 after Sicily and The Principate began falling apart.

The city is built around Trump Tower (claimed to be the biggest tower on the server). Trump tower contains the main portal transportation area called Trump Travel that links most places built at the city. Storage is mostly held underground in a section called The Basement although leaving an excessive amount of valuables at the city has been discouraged.

In late January 2017, Trump City was griefed by Fluz43, with the coordinates being leaked afterwards.

Trump Tower

Trump Tower is roughly in the center of Trump City with a size of 63x63x255. At this time the inside is mostly empty besides a few notable levels.

Trump City TrumpTowerOutside1.png

Ground level:

Contains doors to outside on east and west direction, stairway to The Basement, a large fully automatic smelter with 18 furnaces, and a portal room.

Trump City TrumpTowerInside GroundLevel1.png

Trump Travel:

A large group of portals going to most locations at Trump City.

Trump City TrumpTowerInside TrumpTravel1.png


Another level is an unfinished full snow biome built right inside.

Game room:

Highest reachable level by using the stairs. Contains chess and checkers games along with a large circular dome for the ceiling.

Trump City TrumpTowerInside GameRoom1.png

Outside Ceiling:

The highest solid 63x63 area. A small path surrounding the building with the middle part lit on fire and a small tower extending from it.

Trump City TrumpTowerOutside2.png

Gold Farm

A fairly large gold farm consisting of 128 max sized portals. Used to be a fully automatic XP farm but it entirely broke in the latest update. Trump City GoldFarm1.png

Ivanka Lake

Named after Trump's very own daughter a fully man made lake featuring a large rock known as Jeb "guac bowl" Bush Rock. Trump City IvankaLake1.png