The Principate

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The Principate
Name: The Principate

Status: Collapsed

Formed: October 2015
Disbanded: February 2016

Bases: Haven, Forsta Stad, Pork Hall, Nos Astra, Ascaris, Argemone

The Principate was a faction created by AllSixSix, MtlGuy, and various others in October 2015. Many of the early members were former members of the The Order, who joined when the capital Forsta Stad was griefed. The Principate is dedicated to carrying on the work of both The Order and The Empire, helping new players while also creating an entire network of grand cities.

In November 2015, The Principate peacefully incorporated the cities Ascaris and Nos Astra.

In December 2015, The Principate launched an invasion of Miniwimi, Quint, and others, and forcefully took control of their flying city Gregoria.

In January 2016, The Principate took a blow when Quint and his team the Blue Orchid Cult declared war and destroyed Virunum and Nos Astra. On the 25th of January 2016, the grilling incident led to Pippenger's long departure from the server and the collapse of The Principate not long after.

The team was officially declared to be disbanded by its last remaining member, SirTashingdon in February 2016.



Forsta Stad

After Forsta Stad was griefed, parts of it were repaired and reclaimed by The Principate. Porkington built Strawman Temple there, a massive structure for the worship of the admin MisterStrawman.


Pork Hall

Underground base built by Porkington, and also the temporary home of MrSellars, ae0, ldrpc, Tunnel Rat, and various others. Used as a backup base and resource generator for the rest of the team.


Nos Astra

Dakkadok's city that joined the Principate in November 2015. It is a futuristic town built with blue glass and quartz. It was destroyed by the Blue Orchid Cult as part of Quint's retaliation against the Principate after Gregoria was captured.



Pippenger's city that became part of the Principate in November 2015. It is the largest city on the server, with over 100 buildings.

EA 1B.png


An npc village restored by MtlGuy and built up into a city.

Haven Pic1.png


A small spawn city built by SirTashingdon and Pippenger in January 2016. It was the last project Pippenger worked on before his long break from the server.