Tuggle Town

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Tuggle Town
Name: Tuggle Town

Status: Abondened

Formed: January 17, 2020

Members: ↓


Founded during the events of the Sigil conflict. Willoweinal had previously scouted a new location for a base and built a portal connecting to Sigil. The events that ensued in Sigil caused willoweinal to invite Blockplanet94 to the new base, and they both escaped to what would be Tuggle Town, breaking the portal connecting it to Sigil once they got there. While the base had been planned before by willoweeinal, construction didn't begin until he and Block escaped from Sigil. Willoweinal would go on to invite the rest of his irl friends to the base.

Rise of Tuggle Town

Construction was rapid throughout the life of the base. The First buildings to take root were houses for all the first members. Many farms were also constructed, including a trading hall in a nearby village. Willowenial constructed a majority of the farms. These included an enderman farm, xp farm, villager breeder, iron farm, and melon farm. Wawuwiva worked more on aesthetic projects, such as the aqueduct in the town center, and the unfinished courthouse. Wilbur Immortal kept adding on to his house, making it the tallest in Tuggle Town. He would add something unique in each layer of his house, the rooms were mostly for aesthetic. And on the top, he had plans for a chapel for praising. He also made a map of Tuggle Town, which Blockplanet94 took upon abandonment to preserve its history. Blockplanet94 would spend a lot of time honing his crystal pvp skills on another server (purity-vanilla.xyz) during the life of Tuggle Town, however before its downfall, Block was constructing a massive gunpowder farm. In order to optimize rates, Block had plans to light up every surface in a 257x257 area to prevent hostile mob spawning, then construct the gunpowder farm and the afk booth in the center. Sadly this would not be completed before the abandonment of the base.


Some day during late February 2020, there were suspicions that a player had found the base. However nothing was looted or griefed, there were only a few odd structures left by the perpetrator. This led to tensions as none of the base members had claimed responsibility. The most plausible theories that the base members had come up with was that it was some 1 day hacker, or one of willoweinal's irl friends had done it. Certain base members were accused of doing it in order to start a new base. Real life friends of willoweinal that weren't a part of the base were also suspects. A day later after the event, another strange structure was erected. After this, the members decided to abandon the base. Willoweinal still believes that the members had overreacted and mass hysteria had caused the downfall.

Note: Sorry for no pictures, they're being a bitch for me to upload. I'm a noob at this wiki shit. I'll fix it later. - Block