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Ingame name: Blockplanet94
Alts: Yukarion MisterStrawman clipchip JezdziecBezNicka ostrich1414 TonTheKidRS DakkaDok Antzakes1 morl0ck JavelinFury CreaPat Melvin3000 dariepearjuicy RevStoningpot AjahnMara mitte90 NirkieSFR DeflowVesper Pippinger diGGing4gold Lord1 Sengorn_Leopard AntHand Das_Dankgineer NeutralistNoodle Azdin Sellout9 M_BRIX Porkington TheOnlySlash willowienal egnaroky Zepheron VetoTheNeato cmlove Cutman jake276493
Status: Active
First joined: November 3rd, 2019

Location: South Sudan

Clans: Bloc for Clans (Current), The Second Siege (Current)
Bases: Atherius (I and II), Sigil, Weevelsville, Tuggle Town, Trump City, Triterrus, Yittrium, Florestria, Segoria, Woah, It looks like a meteor hit here!, Poop City, Ascaris

Blockplanet94 is a player who joined SimPvP on November 3rd, 2019. He has been involved with numerous new bases and players since his join date, taking part in several key aspects of late 2019 - early 2020.


Blockplanet94's first base was Atherius, a small lakeside village where he invited several players, many of whom were members and allies of the Bloc for Clans, which he also became a part of. Unfortunately, Atherius would be abandoned shortly after Blockplanet94 unknowingly invited AaronenPajamos_ to the base, finding him to be both a nuisance and a threat. Afterwards, a second Atherius was created, which would instantly overtake the original in both membership and size. Between December 14th, 2019 and early January 2020, this second iteration of Atherius flourished, until it was discovered by Azdin and promptly abandoned.


Blockplanet94 would also become a member of the base Sigil, which only lasted between January 8th and January 17th, 2020. While this base would flourish at first, Sigil soon fell to violence and political disputes during what is known as The Sigil Conflict. Lucky for Blockplanet94, he would escape unharmed.

Sigil Cityscape.png

Blockplanet94 has also been closely allied with the players Wawuwiva and willowienal. Originally, he had joined them at their base Weevelsville until it was overrun by annoying players and eventually griefed and abandoned. This led Blockplanet94 to join willowienal in establishing Tuggle Town, which became his new main base, alongside Wawuwiva and Wilbur_Immortal, after both Atherius and Sigil had fallen.

Outside of bases, Blockplanet94 has been involved in numerous server events. On January 18th, 2020, Blockplanet94 joined the rest of the server in The Second Siege, where he helped fight against the potential plague of a Spanish YouTuber named MrCramYT and his subscribers. During the Sigil conflict, Blockplanet94 grew closer to TheOnlySlash and The Dominion like many other players did to get revenge against Lord1, eventually joining them as an ally and offering Tuggle Town as an allied base. However after Lord1 was killed and everyone was focused on the Intervention war again, Blockplanet94 would choose to be neutral in the war as he had no quarrel with the other BoC members. willowienal would choose to side with The Dominion however. In Tuggle Town, Blockplanet94 contributed less in the way of construction compared to the other members, however he spent a great deal of time PvPing on the server, quickly becoming the best PvPer in Tuggle Town. After a couple weeks of PvPing, Block is now focusing his effort in construction projects in Tuggle Town. He tore down and rebuilt his house with more efficient farms and a much better appearance. He also now has plans with willowienal to clear out a massive area in order to optimize rates in a gunpowder farm.

Alright no more formailty, uhh Tuggle town fell after a little while so I then moved to Takyon, contributing a gold farm, my house, etc. But me and DiggingForgold where the only active members there, and he lives across the globe form me so I was almost always alone at takyon. I don't blame the other members though, real life is much more important than minecraft, but I having other members to socialize with is a cruscial part of having a base imo. I went inactive for several days then willow invited me to the Noc where we would start a new base called Orion, and I'm having a lot of fun there. I'm working on an xp farm there rn but I'm really lazy so it's going kinda slow because it's my own design for an xp farm and it's kinda complicated and I tend to spend more time crystal pvping on purity vanilla than on simpvp :/. On the bright side I'm probably the best crystal pvper on simpvp now, so that's really helpful for any base or group. If you think otherwise than you can challenge me at spawn, well actually my gear rn is brocken and I'm broke, so we'll prob have to fight at purity. Anyway I always try to be helpful and nice and shit, and am friends or am neutral with most people on the server. welp, that's it for now :3

Siege II Group 1.png

Ironically, Blockplanet94 had previously been killed by TheOnlySlash at The Foxhole while showing UnknwnSFR around. Blockplanet94 was also killed by clipchip while trading with AntHand, a consequence of the Intervention War.