Whore Island

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Whore Island
Name: Whore Island

Status: Active

Formed: July 2018

Members: _Heisenberg

Whore Island is a large island base founded by _Heisenberg in July 2018. Located on a grassy island off the coast of a Mushroom Island, Whore Island had originally begun in the midst of _Heisenberg's quest to create a wealthy base far out from Spawn. Upon countless hours of journeying out, only to die, and repeating this process over again, _Heisenberg eventually found this island while on his journey, where he eventually settled. Though this base was never intended to be his permanent residence, _Heisenberg stayed here for months following its foundation, building it up into a respectable, self-sufficient base. Whore Island contains many farms, buildings and a beacon, as well as a decorated wall containing MisterStrawman's map art of Donald Trump.

Click this link for a video of Whore Island from August 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtjQP5qNTk0&t


WhoreIsland2.png WhoreIsland3.png WhoreIsland4.png WhoreIsland5.png WhoreIsland6.png WhoreIsland7.png