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Name: Amsterdamn

Status: Greifed
Date: 26/10/2020

Coords: -18700x , 24000z
Members: Tenced, Xexc, Lord1


Amsterdamn is a modern city with a wide array of skyscrappers with the architectural style following strict rule, namely a staircase of cobblestone, while also utilizing lava as a lighting block as it is more "bold"



Amsterdamn is a a beacon of server wide tourism hosting many cultural events and touristic locations such as the "sex temple" and the "monument to rappers".



Tourists taking a selfie ^


Amsterdamn was a project that had been in the works for the past few months and a very specific location was chosen for it, but could you fucking believe it, some fucking idiot had built a city there, however as mature persons we decided to simply build over the "city" that was previously there.

Capital of Amsterdamn

The netherlands is the capital of the great nation of amsterdamn! Holding the nations BEST builds and is a cultural centre for all the populous.


The First Hearth incident

During the construction of Amsterdamn the 3 builders xexc, Lord1 and Tenced were vcing in a semi-public discord channel. They were however not the only persons in that vc as Nebuelaz was also present, due to circumstances, notably xexc basing at a f8tal base and f8tal also being linked to the previous city below Amsterdamn Mavossa, his name came up several times during the call. Due to those things Nebuelaz thought that f8tal had leaked coordinates to Mavossa to Lord1 some time in the past. While Nebuelaz had no intentions of spreading this information he was pushed to do so in a Voice chat with Lord Pasta (the owner of Mavossa) and several other people. Upon hearing news that f8tal may have leaked Mavossa together with some previous drama over cavehoe leaking the base prompted Lord Pasta to revenge leak the coords of f8tal's spawnbase First Hearth. As it turned out f8tal had not leaked Mavossa and this was all a big confusion, now the situation is very ankward.