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Ingame name: Tenced
Alts: none so far
Status: active
First joined: February 16th, 2019

Clans: Fellowship of the Kittens (Former), The Fellowship (Former),Church of Francis (Current)
Bases: Temperance, New Hammerhall, Francistan, Hecate, Amphitrite

Tenced is a peaceful player who joined SimPvP on February 16th, 2019. He was originally a member of the Fellowship of the Kittens, but later moved on to other projects after it was disbanded in May 2019; these include bases such as Temperance,Razors Edge, New Hammerhall,Francistan.

"Political" involvement

Praise Francis!

Hurr Durr Wilbur bad


  • Temperance abandoned
  • New Hamerhall griefed
  • Amphitrite (guardian farm base)
  • Hecate (Witch farm base)
  • Francistan