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Ingame name: Tenced
Alts: formerly shared Haileymc2000, EurosNotos
Status: inactive
First joined: February 16th, 2019

Location: Slum B

Clans: Fellowship of the Kittens (Former), Bloc for Clans (Former), Melon Boiz Inc.™ (Current), Church of Francis (Former)

Tenced is a mostly peaceful player who joined SimPvP on February 16th 2019, and is known for his exceptional building skills and Priesthood in the Church of Francis.


Noob Tenced and the Fellowship of the Kittens

Tenced joined simpvp with a handful of irl friends, and created his first base with them called Turtle Beach. Around this time Tenced would meet Lord1 for the first time and him, his irl friends and Lord would found the Fellowship of the Kittens at the base Kittenspear. At Kittenspear, Tenced would be one of the main builders and built some of the biggest builds there. The Fellowship of the Kittens would go on to create 3 more bases including Syracusai, Aurum and Hammerhall. Like Kittenspear, Tenced would build a lot at these bases except from Aurum.


(Above: Some of the FOK after their first raid)

The Fellowship tried to assassinate Tenced and 3 other Kittens, leading to the War of the Fellowships although Tenced wouldn't participate in it. When the Fellowship of the Kittens decided to disband, Tenced started a new base with his irl friends and some ex-Kittens called Passacaglia.


(Above: FOK in Syracusai)

Passacaglia would stay active for 2-3 months, and Tenced became the only active member. Tenced became bored of Passacaglia and Lord was bored of his solo base too, so they decided they wanted to either make a new base together or restore Hammerhall as it was still untouched. In the end they founded the new base New Hammerhall.

New Hammerhall and the Church of Francis

New Hammerhall's start was slow, but in the first two months it began to grow and flourish into a small city. This is where Tenced and Lord would construct the Francis Cathedral. The idea for a church was thought of early in the base's history, but neither Tenced or Lord knew what they would build a church about. They ended up picking Francis as Francisism was a existing mini religion in the Fellowship of the Kittens. When the Cathedral was completed the idea of a clan based around the Church of Francis was discussed and eventually made.

Wolfiee_, iPyxis, Fire__Kracken, LexiTheLlama, Nagol101, Unix, CranberryWarrior and Tenced's irl friends MrMeeps and Bacon_15 would later join the base and subsequently the Church of Francis. Already, Tenced and Lord were leaders of one the biggest clans on the server. Tenced would be unable to join the rest of the clan in raiding a handful of Conspiracy bases.


(Above: Tenced & 086 visiting the original Francis)

New Hammerhall would unfortunately be abandoned due to the suspicion that it had been found.

Francistan and the Holy War

After New Hammerhall fell, Tenced and the other Francillians that based there planned their new base Francistan. This would be a more modern and more organised city compared to New Hammerhall. The base had many farms and builds some of which Tenced had built.


(Above: Tenced at Francistan Portal Hub)

The Holy War

In September, ostrich1414 declared war on the Church of Francis. During the 1 month and 1 day war, Tenced would only take part in one battle. This was mostly because Tenced was seen as the pacifist Priest, and would only take part in raids/griefs/battles when he had to.


(Above: Tenced before the Battle of Java Linsghey)

Francistan would be leaked by one of its members, causing the base to be abandoned.

Oneword and the Intervention War

Again, Tenced had to make a new base. So he, iPyxis and Lord did, founding the medieval base Oneword. Around the time, the Church of Francis was a member of the Bloc for Clans and the Bloc would soon go to war with MC Mafia. Like the Holy war, Tenced didn't take part in any of the pvp battles or griefing. But again faced the consequence of the war as Cheesy Chips would leak the base to the enemy factions. Oneword was quickly abandoned.

Two Words and the Republic-Francillian Mini-War

Again, Tenced had to make a new base. So he, iPyxis and Lord did, founding the modern base Two Words. Around the time, the Church of Francis was being attacked by The Republic and a unofficial mini-war ensued. Seem familiar? Like the Holy War and the Intervention War, Tenced didn't take part in any of the pvp battles or griefing.

Sleepy slut ad.png

(Above: A meme ad for the Sleepy Slut Inn at Two Words)

Two Words grew to become a huge city, and Tenced became passionate about it's construction. He built 50% of the builds there. One of the biggest projects he designed at Two Words was the Two Words Cathedral, which if finished would've been the biggest build he's ever made and one of the biggest cathedrals on the server.


(Above: Tea Party with iPyxis in Two Words)


(Above: Tenced admiring Lard2 in Kushdraw at Two Words)

Unfortunately Two Words was leaked by one of its members to the enemy factions, and on the 23rd of june it was griefed by the Republic.

Tenced Turns Violent(ish)

Tenced had lost his biggest city yet to a conflict he wasn't involve in, he was pissed.

Since he joined, Tenced had been a pacifistic peaceful player, but this crossed the line. For the first time, Tenced wanted revenge.

He and the Church of Francis conduct one of the biggest griefing campaigns on simpvp history, with most of the victims being Two Word griefers, Suspected Two Word Leakers or just allies/friends of the griefers. Some of the griefs include the grief of BBBBBBBixieland, Elon Dusk, Mavossa (this was the only grief Tenced took part in), Cutman's Base, MisterStrawman's city & Portal Hub.

Late 2020

In late 2020, Tenced was building at multiple bases where he mastered and perfected his preferred building styles. He would also work on the Melon_Boiz_Inc.™ bases with Lord, TonTheKidRS and iPyxis. During this time Tenced also took part in the Church of Francis grief of Gem_Productions bases after he leaked 10+ bases for no reason.


Tenced decided to leave the church after two years of priesthood. The player 159 (who was a HSOF member at the time) killed some other naked HSOF members at spawn. Many (mostly spanish) HSOF members vocalized their distaste for 159, and wanted him kicked out of HSOF. Lord1 wanted to keep 159 in HSOF as they were friends and he was a good fighter, plus Lord didnt see the killing of naked HSOF members as a huge deal. During the debate on what to do with the very impulsive Commander 159, Tenced took matters into his own hands by manually removing the discord roles for DKC and 159, demoting them. Lord1 then gave back DKC's & 159's roles as this was a extrajudicial demotion, Tenced followed this up by undermining Lord1 and removed their roles again. Lord removed Tenced's op role on the HSOF discord whilst he tried to stop him from removing roles without the group's verdict; prompting Tenced to leave HSOF as he felt that Lord1 was behaving irrationally and immaturely (but lord thinks tenced is being irrational & immature!). A few days later, after hearing he wasn't invited to the OOW x HSOF meeting, 159 baby raged & started killing HS & OOW alike. In response to 159's elevated aggression, Lord1 then declared a trade blockade against him on behalf of HSOF x MBI x Trade Federation.


  • Turtle Beach
  • Kittenspear
  • Syracusai
  • Hammerhall
  • Passacaglia
  • New Hammerhall
  • Francistan
  • Oneword
  • MBI Crater
  • Two Words
  • Pepe's Holy Land
  • Nova Prospekt
  • Three Words
  • Shakatak Mycelia
  • Bodascious Sneeze

Art and Literature

Although Tenced hasn't created any map art of his own, he has written some books for the Church of Francis, one of which is Genesis I, a book depicting the early creation of Simpvpia, this book woud soon be followed by a sequel named Genesis II the gospel of ºGlubº, taking up where the first one left telling the story of the prophet ºGlubº, loosely inspired by Jonah. Tenced also took part in the redation of the original holy scroll. He also stars in Lord's 'Join The Empire!'

Tenced claims to own the biggest tropical fish in a bucket collection in the server.

Join the Empire!.png

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