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Ingame name: Lord1
Alts: Lard2, Bruv420
Status: Active
First joined: February 28th, 2019

Location: England

Clans: Fellowship of the Kittens (Former), Empire of Odin (Former), Shadow Mcmafia (Former), YeeterMyPeeter (Former), The Church of Francis the Almighty, Bloc for Clans, Melon Boiz Inc.™, Anti-Racism Coalition
Bases: Lord1's Cabin, Turtle Beach, Kittenspear, Aurum, Syracusai, Hammerhall, Lordhaven, Asguard, Swaglabs, New Hammerhall, Francistan, Yittrium, Vulpes Den, Oneword, MBI HQ/Creeper Crater, 2 Words, Nova Prospekt

Lord1 joined in early 2019 and is known for being illiterate.


Lord1 first joined on the 28th of February 2019. His first base was Lord1's Cabin created on the 2nd of march. He left Lord1's Cabin to meet MrMeeps. After meeting MrMeeps at Turtle Beach, they founded the base Kittenspear and created the Fellowship of the Kittens (FOK) with Bacon_15.


The collapse of the kittens caused Lord1 to merge his clan with another, then leave that clan and join YeeterMyPeeter. Enraged and heartbroken at Jake276493's ban, Lord organised and started YMP Crusade. After the end of the crusade, Lord1 left YMP and later started the Church of Francis with Tenced at New Hammerhall.


Lord then became a big part in the creation of the Bloc for Smaller Clans and resided as a delegate for the Church (of Francis). On October 17th, ostrich1414 started The Holy Wilbur-Francis War against the Church. This caused more conflicts and battles than any other war on Simpvp. Eventually, on the 19th of November, after their 6th defeat, Lord1, General of the Francillian military and Priest of the Church of Francis, officially surrendered the war at the 2nd summit of Verillium.

November - January, Lord was a big part in co-leading the Bloc against the Shadow Mcmafia and The Dominion during the Intervention War. That included co-leading the raid & invasion of both McCapital and BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBixieland.


In early January 2020, Lord1 was invited to Sigil. A unknown at the time player raided his build and after interrogating and killing two people and a naked at the base, it was leaked by Nddragoon. After a fair trial Lord1 was demoted in the Bloc for Clans and a number of retaliation griefs shorty took after by Lord. Not to long after that, The Second Siege started, Lord had a part to play in this as he was in charge of bombing the highways and helped the siege by killing new players as well as the highly wanted MrCram, earning Lord a Siege Medal of Honour.

On the 23rd of February, Lord1 attended the 2020 Simpvp Summit, in which he represented the newly founded base 'Two Words' as well as the Bloc for Clans and the Church of Francis. During the summit Lord1 was officially pardoned for The Sigil Conflict and signed the non aggression pact.

Lord was also a part of The Byzantium War, most notably taking part in the Triterrus grief and then later the Turtle Beach peace conference.

Triterrus Grief 1.png

After a diplomatic coup in the Bloc for Clans, Lord1 found himself as Supreme General and renamed the Bloc the 'Galactic Federation' although this phase of the clan wouldn't last long as Lord1 absorbed the GF into the Church of Francis along with many of its members and governmental infrastructure. Other people, mainly dominion members didn't like this as they, well, completely hate Lord1, probably becuase they're jealous but idk that's my opinion, and felt threatened by this power grab by Lord. So the Lord haters banded together to create a new clan called the Republic. They then mistook a discord message in the GF discord as a declaration of war as Lord thought war was declared on him through various slander campaigns. The Republics first act of war in this non existent nor requested war was to grief Two Words, a base founded by iPyxis and Lord.

At first, the Two Words grief didn't bother Lord, but over time his hatred for the Republic and it's members grew. Lord felt the need for retaliation as to not make the Church look weak, and went straight for the Wilburian holy land. On the 23rd of June, Stonetown was blown up. Lord1 got backlash from a lot of the community, mostly Republic members although this was intended. CrackyJoe had to punish Lord1 for griefing a sacred ground and excommunicated him but this only lasted a few days.

Other than the occasional Church of Francis event, Lord spent most of mid 2020 getting an actual life irl. Although late 2020 saw Lord1's return on his secret alt Bruv420, but soon after re-joined on his main.

In September 2020, Lord1 was still held a grudge against the perpetrators of the Two Words grief. In a effort to give some of the new Church of Francis members something to do, he gathered around 7 bases that he thought deserved to be griefed. This griefing spree would be called Operation Red Terror. During one of the last griefs, Lord saw in chat that a random player was at a public spawn base, be quickly turned up and killed the player. The player then rallied the Order of Wilbur to help him fight the Francillians, this would later be called the Battle of Swampland. Another small battle Lord would take part in was the Battle of Suits Tower, where Ostrich, Lord and Goujon fought Anthand, Sellout and Cutman. Lord killed Sellout within the first 10 seconds and goujon would kill Anthand almost as fast with Cutman fleeing.


(Above: Lord1 killing Electrichugg and popping Ostrich1414)

In October 2020, most notably the finding and battle of Mavossa would take place. Where Lord and Tenced spent many weeks searching for the city built by the suspected leaker of Two Words, Lord Pasta. Eventually the city would be found, however rather inconveniently, Lord Pasta would leak the city the same day as it was planned to be griefed, leading to the battle of Mavossa where a handful of Lord-haters would show up to the city in a effort to protect it, causing Lord to run away. Lord, Tenced and Xexc would show up to the city a couple of days later, griefing it and renaming it to Amsterdamn.

November 2020 saw the 1 year anniversary of the end of The Holy Wilbur-Francis War. Francillians and Wilburians came together to celebrate this at Verillium, which was the city where the peace conferences took place during the war. Also during November, a shithead player leaked a bunch of old and historic bases for no real reason, so Lord and other Francillians lead a grief against him, blowing up two of his bases.


Notable Events

War of the Fellowships

YMP Crusade

1st annual BloodBowl

The Holy Wilbur-Francis War

Intervention War

The Sigil Conflict

The Second Siege

The 2020 Simpvp Summit

The Byzantium War

The Stonetown Incident

2nd Hispanic Panic

Notable PvP Battles

YeeterMyPeeter invasion of /world and defending the YMP castle

The Second YeeterMyPeeter invasion of /world and defending the YMP castle during the Crusade [1]

YMP Crusader spawn skirmishes against The Siege

Battle of Quagsmaria

Invasion of / The battle of Golden Sun

Battle of the Capital

Battle of Java Linsghey

Battle of Fort Milknut

Battle of Andromeda

Battle of Snowfrog

Battle of Monarchia

Battle of Syracusai

Battle of Swampland

Battle of Suits Tower

Art and literature

Swagboi (book) - made 27/06/19.

Praise da Lord (map art) - made 20/07/19

Francis Almighty (map art) - made 05/08/19

The Holy Scroll: First Testament + Second Testament (books) - made 12/10/19 + 2020

Join the Empire! (map art)


Join the Empire!.png

Fan Art