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Name: Andromeda
Alts: End City
Status: Active

Formed: September 25th, 2015

Members: MisterStrawman

Andromeda is a base founded by MisterStrawman on September 25th, 2018. Located in the End dimension, Andromeda is a massive single-building structure consisting of various different blocks, covered by a large, pyramid-shaped roof depicting night and day. Due to the base's immense size, it is often regarded as one of the largest structures and bases on the server, all of which was entirely built by MisterStrawman himself.

Click this link for a video of Andromeda from October 2018:


In 2015, long before elytras were implemented in the game, there were very few efficient ways to get out far in the End. Because of this fact, realizing the difficulty long-term End travel imposed, MisterStrawman decided to create a virtually untouchable base far out in the End. On September 25th, 2015, MisterStrawman began work on his ambitious project: at the time, and for many years to come, this project would be unofficially known as his "End City", or "MisterStrawman's End City". In fact, this is due, in part, to MisterStrawman's original plan of constructing a city in the end, rather than a single structure like the one that exists today.

Ever since its initial start date, the construction process for Andromeda was relatively smooth; the only major setback was a significant gap of time left between the completion of the structure's foundations and walls and its roof. Though MisterStrawman was busy working on other projects during this gap, he would periodically work on the roof, before eventually returning to it full-time. By September 2018, exactly three years after his initial start date, MisterStrawman's "End City" had grown significantly, with the roof having been completed, along with other major structural elements.

It was also in September 2018 where MisterStrawman decided to ditch the "End City" title it had been known as for years, instead naming it "Andromeda". Now with an official title, Andromeda was nearing completion on its exterior as well as its interior. Andromeda consists of a variety of farms and storage units, with its immense size able to fit many different kinds of farms.

Andromeda, though created solely by one individual, has seen a few visitors over the years; however, it has mainly been left exclusive by MisterStrawman, and remains an impressive base of immense magnitude and size, rivaling other large bases on the server.


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