The Holy Wilbur-Francis War

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The Holy Wilbur-Francis War
Name: The Holy Wilbur-Francis War

Status: Ended through Peace Treaty

Formed: October 17th, 2019
Disbanded: November 18th, 2019

Clans: The Order of Wilbur, Church of Francis
Bases: Spawn, The Capital, Java Linsghey, Tol Honeth, Andromeda, Azpipia, Castle Snowfrog, Syracusai, Monarchia, Verillium

The Holy Wilbur-Francis War was a religious, ideological crusade fought between two separate religious organizations: The Order of Wilbur and the Church of Francis. The war began on October 17th, 2019 after ostrich1414 officially declared a "Holy Crusade" against the Church of Francis on behalf of his own religion, the Order of Wilbur; shortly thereafter, Lord1 retaliated by declaring war on the Order of Wilbur on behalf of the Church of Francis.

On November 18th, 2019, Lord1 officially surrendered to the Order of Wilbur on behalf of the Church of Francis, promptly ended the war exactly one month and one day after it was first declared. The Holy Wilbur-Francis War would immediately become the bloodiest, most violent war in SimPvP history, seeing more active deaths than any other war before it.

While the Order of Wilbur and the Church of Francis were similar in many aspects (both religions worship an animal [a pig and a sheep, respectively]), the goal of this war was to discredit the other and have one religion reign supreme on SimPvP through power, influence, territorial gain and authority.


The Holy Wilbur-Francis War has experienced a series of battles and violent fights throughout its duration: listed below, in chronological order, are these battles, where they were fought, on what date, who fought in them, and the ultimate results:

  • The Battle of Java Linsghey: October 19th, 2019 at Java Linsghey
    • Belligerents:
    • Result: Order of Wilbur Victory; Java Linsghey is Claimed as Wilburian Territory
  • The BSC Outpost Battle: October 23rd, 2019 at the Bloc for Smaller Clans Spawn Outpost (Fort Milknut)
    • Belligerents:
      • Church of Francis: Lord1, 086
      • The Order of Wilbur: ostrich1414, clipchip
      • Neutral Third Party: Cutman
    • Result: Order of Wilbur Victory; the Outpost Remains in Wilburian Control
  • The Battle of Andromeda: October 24th, 2019 at Andromeda
    • Belligerents:
    • Result: Church of Francis Victory; Andromeda is Claimed as Francillian Territory
  • Ambush at BSC Outpost: October 27th, 2019 at the BSC Spawn Outpost (Staged by OoW)
    • Belligerents:
    • Result: Order of Wilbur Victory; the Outpost Remains Neutral
  • The Battle of Azpipia: October 28th, 2019 at Azpipia
    • Belligerents:
      • Church of Francis: Lord1, e_lee, Tenced, LexiTheLlama, Antzakes1
      • The Order of Wilbur: ostrich1414, TheOnlySlash
    • Result: Draw; No Clear Winner or Resolution
  • The Battle of Snowfrog: October 29th, 2019 at Castle Snowfrog
    • Belligerents:
    • Result: Order of Wilbur Victory; the Church of Francis Surrenders
  • The Battle of Monarchia: November 17th, 2019 at Monarchia
    • Belligerents:
      • Church of Francis: Lord1, Cutman, _Unix2010, Antzakes1, Nostrum_Regina, The_Furry_Slayer
      • The Order of Wilbur: ostrich1414, AntHand, MoWobbler, TonTheKidRS, CrackyJoe, Sellout9, clipchip, egnaroky, SkykirryChycho, Zepheron, cheesy_chips22, Dylan_Roof
      • Neutral Third Party: nagol101
    • Result: Order of Wilbur Victory; the Church of Francis Surrenders
  • The Battle of Syracusai: November 18th, 2019 at Syracusai
    • Belligerents:
      • Church of Francis: Lord1, Cutman, CranberryWarrior
      • The Order of Wilbur: AntHand, PixelClick, Dylan_Roof, MoWobbler
      • Neutral Third Parties: The_Furry_Slayer, talksalot011
    • Result: Order of Wilbur Victory; the Church of Francis Surrenders and Ends the War


During the Holy Wilbur-Francis War, several bases, towns and cities were annexed by each organization in an effort to spread influence and increase territorial gain. Below is a list, in chronological order, of the bases that were annexed during the war:

  • The Capital
    • Annexed by the Order of Wilbur on October 17th, 2019
    • Reclaimed through Battle by the Church of Francis on October 17th, 2019
  • Java Linsghey
    • Annexed by the Church of Francis on October 19th, 2019
    • Reclaimed through Battle by the Order of Wilbur on October 19th, 2019
  • Tol Honeth
    • Annexed by the Church of Francis on October 20th, 2019
    • Returned to the Order of Wilbur on November 18th, 2019
  • BSC Spawn Outpost
    • Annexed by the Order of Wilbur on October 22nd, 2019
  • Andromeda
    • Annexed by the Church of Francis on October 24th, 2019
  • Syracusai
    • Annexed by the Order of Wilbur on November 2nd, 2019
    • Returned to the Church of Francis on November 18th, 2019


Before the War

Before the Holy Wilbur-Francis War was first declared, the two religious organizations were long at peace. The Order of Wilbur recognized the Church of Francis as a legitimate religion and respected it, and the Church of Francis viewed itself as a continuation of the Order of Wilbur storyline. While these religious organizations never had a solid "alliance", they were truly at peace and respected each other.

The two were also very similar in many ways: for example, they both worshiped godly animals. The Order of Wilbur worshiped Wilbur, a pig who had died in Stonetown in 2014, while the Church of Francis worshiped a sheep named Francis, who was still alive, hidden in an undisclosed location. Both religious organizations were also comprised of several allied members, and trade and influence between the two were frequent.

The Declaration of a Holy Crusade

On October 17th, 2019, ostrich1414, on behalf of the Order of Wilbur, declared a "Holy Crusade" on the Church of Francis. While this was mainly out of boredom, much of it was due to the Order of Wilbur's growing distaste for the rapid increase of Francillian influence on the server. The Order of Wilbur had been SimPvP's dominant religion since 2014, but it was suddenly being threatened by this other growing religion.

In retaliation, Lord1, on behalf of the Church of Francis, issued a declaration of war against the Order of Wilbur: thus, it was clear that the two parties would be engaging in SimPvP's first religious war.

The First Annexation

Shortly after he declared the war, ostrich1414 began to prepare for his first move: annexing a Church of Francis temple nearby Spawn. Alongside MoWobbler, the two departed from their city, Yittrium, as they headed to the temple and tore down all Francis-related banners, signs and map art, replacing them with Wilbur memorabilia. The temple was swiftly and effectively converted into an Order of Wilbur Temple, with ostrich1414 sending Lord1 an image of the two at the annexed temple to taunt him.


After ostrich1414 and MoWobbler fled from the scene, Lord1 and a few of his affiliates flew directly to the temple to remove the Wilbur banners and signs, reclaiming it for Francis. Meanwhile, ostrich1414 would be engaging in yet another scheme.

The Battle of the Capital

That same day, on October 17th, while Lord1 was removing Wilbur's mark from the former-Francis temple, ostrich1414 had traveled to the Capital to annex it for the Order of Wilbur. The Capital had been MisterStrawman's main base until the Church of Francis annexed it in early August 2019; they had given ostrich1414 permission to use this base as well, and ostrich1414, in an offense against Francis, yet again removed all Francis-related material as he hung up Wilbur banners and signs around the city.


After finding out about this, the Church of Francis immediately headed to the Capital to reclaim the base by any means necessary. Ostrich1414 had fled before their arrival, but he soon returned, ready to fight. Lord1 and e_lee, on behalf of the Church of Francis, engaged in a battle against ostrich1414 in the form of several PvP fights; each time, ostrich1414 lost. Ultimately, the Church of Francis was successful in defending the Capital and forced ostrich1414 to sign a treaty giving up the base to Francis after his defeat.

The Battle of Java Linsghey

Two days later, on October 19th, the Church of Francis made their first move by annexing one of ostrich1414's previous cities, Java Linsghey. Lord1 and Tenced arrived at Java Linsghey and claimed it for Francis, even refurbishing and utilizing ostrich1414's old tower, the #GetClipAGirlfriend Headquarters, as a fortress in case of battle.


After discovering that the city had been annexed by the Church of Francis, ostrich1414 headed there immediately to re-annex it for the Order of Wilbur, reclaiming the tower he had built in retaliation.


Lord1 and Tenced returned to Java Linsghey after the Order of Wilbur had annexed it back from them, furious. As they scanned the city for intruders, ostrich1414 launched a surprised aerial attack and began to shoot the two as they attempted to defend their makeshift fort. While Lord1 and Tenced mainly manned the roof of the tower, ostrich1414 flew around them, shooting at them and periodically swooping down to engage in hand-to-hand combat.


In the midst of battle, the Church of Francis persuaded the Order of Wilbur to agree to a "gentlemen's break". In the meantime, ostrich1414 recruited fellow Wilbur member cheesy_chips22 to assist in the attack on Francis. The two arrived back at Java Linsghey as the battle resumed; this time, Lord1 and Tenced versus ostrich1414 and cheesy_chips22. In the middle of the fight, Tenced was forced to leave, resulting in a 2v1 battle between Lord1 and the two Wilburian forces. Cheesy_chips22 and ostrich1414 engaged Lord1 for a little over twenty minutes until his helmet and boots broke, and he popped a Totem of Undying. Finally, ostrich1414 slayed Lord1 in a surprising Order of Wilbur victory.

Much like the Battle of the Capital, Lord1 was forced to sign a treaty returning Java Linsghey to the Order of Wilbur due to his defeat.


The Annexation of Tol Honeth

On October 20th, the Church of Francis's elite military force "Task Force Fury" engaged on a secret mission to annex ostrich1414's old castle base, Tol Honeth. Lord1, e_lee, 086 and CranberryWarrior all traveled to the castle and annexed it for the Church of Francis, yet again taunting ostrich1414 with their find.


Statue Retaliations

Instead of instigating in yet another battle or re-annexation, ostrich1414 retaliated to Tol Honeth's annexation by constructing a large statue of Francis right in the middle of the castle's land. The statue consisted of a large netherrack sheep set on fire, with a face showing a deceased Francis. Above him, a large sign reading "Fuck Francis" was constructed to further prove ostrich1414's distaste.


Shortly afterwards, Lord1 responded similarly: he constructed a large granite statue of Wilbur. However, in this statue, Wilbur's head was decapitated from the rest of his body, and he can be seen puking blood. A sign was constructed above the statue that read "Wilbur gay".


The BSC Outpost Battle

On October 22nd, ostrich1414 discovered the Bloc for Smaller Clans's Spawn Outpost, which was also administered by and affiliated with the Church of Francis. He immediately annexed the small structure for the Order of Wilbur.


The next day, on October 23rd, Lord1 and 086 arrived at the outpost, challenging ostrich1414 to a fight. Ostrich1414 arrived with clipchip, and the two, both using invisibility potions, attacked the Francillian Forces with the element of surprise. Cutman, a neutral third party player, was also present to witness the battle. Nevertheless, the battle ranged from ostrich1414 and clipchip attacking Lord1 and 086 by air to all four belligerents on the ground in intense hand-to-hand combat. Clipchip successfully killed 086, which forced Lord1 to flee from battle and surrender. Ultimately, the Order of Wilbur emerged victorious and continued to lay claim to the outpost.

The Battle of Andromeda


Following the attack on the BSC Outpost, Fort Milknut, it was destroyed by Lord1. This caused ostrich1414 and SkykirryChycho to destroy a spawn temple for Francis, blowing it up with TNT. This action was viewed very controversially by the Church as it was thought to be rash and blasphemous of the Wilburians to grief a very sacred building.


In retaliation, Lord1 and _Unix2010 traveled to Java Linsghey and set up a TNT duper, blowing a hole through the #GetClipAGirlfriend Headquarters and burning some of the floors. Upon finding out, ostrich1414 summoned Lord1 for a 1v1, although they reconsidered for a 2v2 and settled to have it at Andromeda.

The Battle

Later that day, on October 24th, Ostrich1414, MoWobbler and SkykirryChycho arrive at Andromeda and, soon after, so do Lord1 and _Unix2010. Before the battle, it was agreed that no elytras would be used, and the duration of the battle would be fought exclusively on-ground. The battle begun as MoWobbler, ostrich1414, Lord1 and _Unix2010 engaged. Ostrich1414 was the first to be killed after Lord1 isolated him, and after that it was a 2v1 against MoWobbler. Due to this, SkykirryChycho decided to help him out, despite contradicting a previous agreement between Lord1 and ostrich1414. MoWobbler was soon killed by Lord1 and both _Unix2010 and Lord1 then focused on SkykirryChycho, killing her as well.


Another wave of controversy occurred as Lord1 jokingly hit SkykirryChycho with his fist, which she perceived as another attack despite the battle being over. This caused her to begin shooting her bow at Lord1, who promptly killed her in retaliation.

Summit of Verilium

Shortly after being invited to Verillium (also known as Virunum), Lord1 is welcomed by worldruler086's hospitality and both Lord1 and ostrich1414 mutually agree to attend a peace summit there as to keep the base out of the conflict between the two religions. All parties, including, ostrich1414, Lord1, AntHand and Tenced sign the treaty on behalf of their respected organizations. This was due to a mutual respect for worldruler086 and the city of Verillium itself, which would ultimately result in the war's first peaceful resolution to a conflict.


The CrackyJoe Incident

On October 25th, CrackyJoe attempted to gain the location of Francis from Lord1 and e_lee. After the three met up at the main End island, a slight skirmish occurred when Lord1 hit CrackyJoe in an attempted attack, although CrackyJoe was able to flee unharmed. Shortly after the incident, CrackyJoe publicly announced his allegiance to the Wilburian cause on behalf of himself and Segoria, even offering rewards for any information on Francis' bases or players.


Ambush at BSC Outpost

On October 27th, CranberryWarrior deviated from Francillian command and had returned to the now-griefed Fort Milknut in an attempt to restore it and convert it back to a Church of Francis outpost, despite it having become a neutral ground ever since its was destroyed. CranberryWarrior sent an image to ostrich1414, who immediately recruited clipchip to ambush him. The two Wilburians traveled to the BSC Outpost and found CranberryWarrior walking around, when they landed and began to attack him in an intense hand-to-hand combat battle. CranberryWarrior, who was ill-prepared for battle, was slain by clipchip.


It was later revealed, many months later, that this battle was staged: in April 2020, ostrich1414 revealed that CranberryWarrior was actually his secret alt, and he used the account's status as a well-respected Francillian soldier to stage a legitimate "battle". This essentially allowed the Order of Wilbur to obtain yet another victory and boost their image.

The Battle of Azpipia

On October 28th, the largest battle of the war thus far would occur: Lord1 challenged ostrich1414 to a fight, yet ostrich1414 was unable to find an active ally to assist him in battle. He eventually recruited TheOnlySlash as a Wilburian soldier, and the two prepared for the fight. The battle was agreed to be held at Azpipia, an iconic sand pyramid base near spawn. Before the battle began, the two parties agreed that no elytras would be used.


As ostrich1414 and TheOnlySlash waited on the outskirts of Azpipia, they were eventually greeted to five Francillian soldiers: Lord1, e_lee, Tenced, LexiTheLlama and Antzakes1 - they had assumed only two players would show up. Thus, the battle began almost immediately as ostrich1414 and TheOnlySlash stayed along the coast of Azpipia, while the Francillian army held onto the land. The first casualty of the battle was LexiTheLlama, who was accidentally shot down by Antzakes1 in an instance of friendly fire.

Much of the battle consisted of TheOnlySlash practicing his end crystal PvP strategy, bombing payers who got close to him, as ostrich1414 and the other Francillians shot at each other. Antzakes1, despite the no-elytra rule, would begin shooting at ostrich1414 and TheOnlySlash from the air; meanwhile, Tenced would not participate in the battle, only watching. Eventually, TheOnlySlash succeeded in blowing up e_lee with an end crystal, and soon after the two Wilburian soldiers were able to pop Lord1's Totem of Undying, forcing him to temporarily flee.

The last half of the battle mainly consisted of Antzakes1 shooting at the two Wilburian soliders via elytra; eventually, Tenced joined in as well, despite having been neutral up until then, and Lord1 returned via elytra as well. While the two parties engaged in intense combat for a bit longer, ostrich1414 was forced to flee after he ran out of golden apples, causing Antzakes1 to pursue him. Antzakes1 eventually shot and killed ostrich1414, and TheOnlySlash fled in response to this.

Ultimately, it was decided by both the Wilburian and Francillian armies that the Battle of Azpipia would be a draw due to the fact that there was no clear winner, rules had been broken, and nothing was ultimately being gained from continuous fighting. Below is a view of the battlefield after the battle was over:


The Battle of Snowfrog

The next day, on October 29th, a 3v3 battle was planned to be held somewhere near spawn - the location chosen would end up being Castle Snowfrog. As the two sides prepared for the impending fight, ostrich1414 went against his and Lord's agreement, gathering the Order of Wilbur's largest army yet, with the Wilburian army consisting of six total soldiers and the Francillian army consisting of three total soldiers. This battle would ultimately overtake the Battle of Azpipia for being the largest battle yet, with nine total participants instead of seven.

The Wilburian army eventually arrived at the shores of Castle Snowfrog: this army, in total, consisted of ostrich1414, cheesy_chips22, TonTheKidRS, MoWobbler, AntHand and Zepheron. A few minutes after, the Francillian army arrived, which consisted of Lord1, Cutman and _Unix2010. They also brought along a new player, willowienal, although he served as a neutral third party, opting to film the fight instead. A pre-battle meeting was held where the two sides ensured that end crystals would not be used; shortly after, as the Francillians stared off at the Wilburians, Lord1 gave the best speech of the war, saying "There will be a day where Francisism will fall and the age of Francillians will fade away. BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY, we WILL BAND TOGETHER and fight for religious freedom and FRANCIS SHALL LIVE ON. COME BROTHERS, WE CAN'T WIN BUT WE CAN DIE TRYING. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" and promptly led the charge against the Wilburians, initiating the battle.

Due to the Battle of Snowfrog being the largest battle yet in terms of active manpower, nine total people were fighting at once along the shores of the castle; this caused intense lag for a majority of participants. Nevertheless, the beginning of the battle took place entirely on the ground, with all players attacking their opponents via swords and bows. AntHand, however, was offering air support to the Wilburian army, shooting down the Francillian troops from his elytra in mid-air. After a bit of tedious ground combat, the first kill was achieved when TonTheKidRS was slain by Lord1, only one of two deaths.


The tone of the battle eventually shifted when, shortly after TonTheKidRS' death, Zepheron battled Lord1 and _Unix2010 in a lavacast, where he utilized and blew up an end crystal. Although nobody died from this tactic, Zepheron popped a Totem of Undying. Nevertheless, the battle continued; the two parties fought fiercely against each other, to the point where certain players were breaking their armor. As a horde of Wilburians began attacking Cutman, cheesy_chips22 successfully laid the final blow, killing him. Meanwhile, as ostrich1414 and _Unix2010 were engaged in PvP, _Unix2010 fled the scene via elytra, leaving only Lord1 to fend for himself against the Wilburian army.

Several minutes of intense fighting occurred around the outskirts of Castle Snowfrog as ostrich1414, MoWobbler, cheesy_chips22, AntHand and Zepheron all teamed up to try and kill Lord1, who was ender pearling around the battlefield, even managing to pop Anthand's totem in a failed elytra dive. Lord also had to flee via elytra temporarily, asking _Unix2010 to return to the battle. In the midst of the battle, ostrich1414's account timed out, prompting _Unix2010 to return and attempt to kill his skeleton. Luckily, Zepheron was able to save him.

As the 6v1 battle against Lord1 continued, Lord realized the battle had already been lost, revoking the statement made in the pre-battle speech saying that they would "fight for religious freedom or die trying" because of the war crimes committed and ultimately surrendered as to not loose any more resources to the Wilburians, securing the Order of Wilbur their third victory.


After Battle Controversy

After the Battle of Snowfrog ended and both parties returned to their bases, a controversy brewed as Lord1 and Zepheron were engaged in a heated argument regarding his use of end crystals during the fight, despite the no-end crystal rule mentioned at the beginning of the battle. Zepheron claimed that he was unaware of this rule due to the fact that he was not present for the pre-battle meeting, while Lord1 argued that he should have known. Ultimately, Lord1 would threaten that Zepheron would "pay for his war crimes", and later did by griefing a build of his.

The Annexation of Syracusai

On November 2nd, the Order of Wilbur carried out their first full-scale annexation by invading the griefed city of Syracusai, which had formerly been occupied by current Church of Francis followers. Ostrich1414, TheOnlySlash, clipchip, JavelinFury, Sellout9, cheesy_chips22 and egnaroky were all present for the annexation of Syracusai on behalf of the Order of Wilbur.


Syracusai is also notable for being the original location of Francis, the sheep itself; however, many players have debated on whether or not the current-day Francis is an impostor, or the original sheep. TheOnlySlash, who originally griefed Syracusai with Korijenkins back in May 2019, argued that Korijenkins had killed the original Francis on sight, while Lord1 argues that this is false, and the original Francis currently resides in a secret location. Nevertheless, in an attempt to taunt the Church of Francis, the Order of Wilbur established a "Historic Site" in Syracusai, marking the location of Francis's "murder".


E_lee's Defection

On November 3rd, e_lee, who was originally a member of the Church of Francis, officially departed from the group in favor of the Order of Wilbur, which he subsequently joined. E_lee was dissatisfied with the Church of Francis's current performance and actions during the war, causing him to defect to the Order of Wilbur after being questioned by ostrich1414 and TheOnlySlash for security reasons.

TheOnlySlash Spawn Incident

Later that day, on November 3rd, TheOnlySlash was ambushed at spawn by three Francillian Soldiers: Lord1, Antzakes1 and Cutman. A 3v1 attack ensued as the four engaged in unanimous end crystal bombing and hand-to-hand combat - although this only lasted a few minutes. Eventually, as nothing was being accomplished from the ambush, TheOnlySlash retreated back to spawn while the three Francillian soldiers departed from the scene. This ambush was mainly in response to the Church of Francis's disapproval of TheOnlySlash's use of end crystal bombing during battles, a controversial tactic that had been in intense debate throughout the duration of the war.

The Battle of Monarchia

The Calm Before the Storm

After the previously mentioned incident, the war experienced a short period of calmness for about two weeks. No battles or annexations ensued, and the only real hostilities were through back-and-forth banter in chat. However, this period of time did not mean that the war was on a decline - in fact, Lord1 and ostrich1414 had decided to plan the war's, and the server's, largest battle yet. After much discussion, the location chosen was Monarchia, due to its significance during the War of Monarchia and being semi-public. The date chosen, November 17th, was also significant as it was exactly one month since the war had begun. Before the battle, the Battle of Monarchia was planned to be the "last" battle of the war, as many players on both sides hoped to end the war immediately after it.

As the date of the battle quickly approached, both sides began making immense preparations. Several portals to Monarchia were created, and players from both sides would often travel to the city while invisible to avoid detection. However, one incident occurred on November 13th when AntHand was ambushed and killed in Monarchia by Nostrum_Regina, a Francillian soldier.

The Battle

On the day of the battle - November 17th - many of the original plans were beginning to fray. Lord1 was unable to secure a large amount of troops for the Francillian army, and could only guarantee between 4-5 players. Tensions soured furthered when, before the battle, Wilburian soldier Sellout9 engaged in a small skirmish with a few Francillians, which resulted in accidental deaths and totems being popped. These reasons led Lord1 to temporarily withdraw from the battle; however, he was once again persuaded to continue as planned, though his army was significantly outnumbered.

As the agreed-upon time arrived, the Wilburians and the Francillians met in the center of Monarchia. The full Francillian army consisted of Lord1, Cutman, _Unix2010 and Antzakes1 and Nostrum_Regina, with The_Furry_Slayer staying invisible; the Wilburian army consisted of ostrich1414, AntHand, MoWobbler, TonTheKidRS, CrackyJoe, Sellout9, clipchip, egnaroky, SkykirryChycho, Zepheron, cheesy_chips22 and Dylan_Roof. Nagol101 also arrived at the battle, although he was a neutral third party documenting the fight on video. Essentially, the Battle of Monarchia was a 6v12, plus nagol101, with 19 total players showing up - easily making it the largest battle in SimPvP history.

As the Order of Wilbur and the Church of Francis met in the Roma District of Monarchia, Lord1's battle speech was cut short: Sellout9 immediately began shooting at the Francillian troops, which led the rest of the soldiers to follow suit and attack prematurely. The first half of the battle was very chaotic: a majority of soldiers fought on the ground, while Antzakes1, SkykirryChycho and AntHand remained airborne. The Francillian army utilized the end crystal PvP tactic, with Lord1 recruiting The_Furry_Slayer as an invisible suicide bomber, attacking Wilburian soldiers with end crystals at random. In fact, the first death of the battle was due to an end crystal: ostrich1414 was blown up by Lord1 after getting hit by two end crystals simultaneously.

The Wilburian army then reformed and began chasing after Cutman, who was soon killed by Sellout9. Lord1 and _Unix2010 were then targeted by the ground troops, as Antzakes1 was engaged in aerial combat with SkykirryChycho and AntHand, with clipchip occasionally joining them. The_Furry_Slayer was also killed several times, though his suicide bombings would continue for some time. Unfortunately, the neutral third party, nagol101, would be accidentally killed three times as well, prompting him to end the filming of the fight early.


Dylan_Roof was eventually blown up by an end crystal, and AntHand was shot by Lord1. However, the Wilburian army was still strong in numbers, and continued pressing attacks against the remaining Francillian troops. _Unix2010 and Lord1 were forced to engage several tactical retreats as Antzakes1 remained in the air. Nostrum_Regina joined in the middle of the fight, remaining mostly in the air but engaging in ground combat too. Soon after, _Unix2010 was killed by clipchip.

As the battle dragged on and the end of the fight neared, the only Francillian troops remaining were Lord1 and Antzakes1. Cutman had fled early on, and _Unix2010 and Nostrum_Regina retreated. Many Wilburian soldiers attempted to persuade Lord1 to surrender, but he would not do so - thus, egnaroky arrived towards the end of the battle with a secret weapon. All of a sudden, 650 invisible, fire resistant wolves appeared around egnaroky, although the plan backfired a bit as they began attacking not just Lord1, but several Wilburian soldiers as well.


After a bit more aimless ground fighting, Lord1 was forced to retreat and ushered a withdrawal of troops and a surrender - however, he allowed Antzakes1 to remain. Antzakes1 continued to shoot down at the ground troops for several more minutes, though by this time the battle was beginning to end. The Order of Wilbur had secured a victory with Lord1's surrender, and many Wilburians began to leave the city. While a few remained to shoot at Antzakes1, nothing would arise from this.


Here is a view of the city after the battle (notice the obsidian blocks used during the end crystal bombing campaigns):


After-Battle Controversies

The Battle of Monarchia was meant to end the war, but after the Francillian's defeat, Lord1 refused to surrender to the Wilburians, continuing the war. Angered by the Wilburians vastly outnumbering them and believing that the battle was not a "true victory" for them, Lord1 stated that the Church of Francis would continue the war effort against the Order of Wilbur. This angered many Wilburians, who were hoping to bring the war to a close with the battle.

Furthermore, a bit of in-fighting occurred when, by the end of the battle, egnaroky attempted to kill clipchip, although he was blown up shortly after. AntHand and egnaroky began arguing with clipchip over the death, which only furthered tensions between them.

The Battle of Syracusai

After their defeat the night before, Lord1 was eager to engage in another battle, and thus a smaller battle was planned to be held at Syracusai on November 18th. As Syracusai was annexed by the Order of Wilbur a few weeks earlier, this would be the Church of Francis's chance to reclaim it.

Eventually, both sides met up at the base of a lavacast in the city. The Francillian army consisted of Lord1, Cutman and CranberryWarrior, while the Wilburian army consisted of AntHand, PixelClick and Dylan_Roof; The_Furry_Slayer and talksalot011 observed as neutral third parties. After giving another battle speech, the Battle of Syracusai began as the two sides began shooting at each other.

Battle of Syracusai.png

Dylan_Roof, who was wearing all-gold armor, was immediately killed by Lord1. While Lord1 and Cutman focused on PixelClick on the ground, CranberryWarrior and AntHand engaged in aerial PvP. The ground and air squadrons would often mix, with much of the fighting taking place on a nearby bridge and a lake in the middle of Syracusai. Unlike the Battle of Monarchia, no end crystal PvP was used at first, as a bulk of the battle was fought through manual sword-and-bow combat. Eventually, Cutman was able to kill PixelClick, and shortly after, he killed AntHand as well. PixelClick returned, only to be killed by Lord1, and at this point, the battle seemed to be in favor of the Church of Francis.

Eventually, however, AntHand returned, being chased around by Lord1, Cutman and CranberryWarrior. This time, however, AntHand brought MoWobbler with him, who was able to successfully kill CranberryWarrior. Just after CranberryWarrior's death, Dylan_Roof rejoined in full diamond armor and was again immediately killed by Lord1. Now a 2v2, the battle progressed as the fighting became more intense. AntHand killed The_Furry_Slayer in fear that he would attempt to assist the Francillian army, and eventually, as Lord1 was in the middle of PvPing AntHand, his Internet blew out and his computer crashed, forcing him to log off. AntHand took advantage of the AntiPVPLog plugin and killed Lord1's skeleton; shortly after, Cutman would flee from Syracusai. Cheesy_chips22 and Sellout9 were in the process of coming to join them, but stopped when they found out about the Wilburians' victory.

Lord1 Surrenders

After all Francillian soldiers had withdrawn, Lord1 announced his surrender to the Order of Wilbur. He returned to Syracusai to meet with MoWobbler and AntHand, with ostrich1414 now joining them. This time, however, he would also be surrendering to the Order of Wilbur to end the war itself: this would be the last battle of the Holy Wilbur-Francis War. The Wilburian army agreed to accept his conditional surrender, and the two sides planned to hold a peace conference and victory party later that same night.

Lord1 Surrenders.png

The End of the Holy Wilbur-Francis War

A peace summit was held at Verillium, the mutually-recognized neutral state between the Order of Wilbur and the Church of Francis, a site which had also been home to the only other peace summit during the war. Many Wilburians joined to celebrate their victory and witness the historic moment, including ostrich1414, AntHand, MoWobbler, Sellout9, CrackyJoe, clipchip, cheesy_chips22, Dylan_Roof and PixelClick. Lord1 was expected to come to the event to formally announce his surrender, and with him he brought the press of the Church of Francis, willowienal, and The_Furry_Slayer.

The Order of Wilbur Victory 3.png

Both ostrich1414 and Lord1 drafted terms of surrender, with each of them approving and signing the other's terms. Lord1 was brought over the the center of the city of Verillium, a room covered in Order of Wilbur banners and victory signs, as a group photograph was taken by willowienal to commemorate the Wilburians' victory. The Holy Wilbur-Francis War had finally come to an end after one month and one day; once again, the Order of Wilbur and the Church of Francis would be able to find peace with each other. November 18th, 2019 was the V-Day for the Order of Wilbur, and the end to the most violent, resource-heavy war in SimPvP history.

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The Holy Wilbur-Francis War produced many pieces of propaganda, from public messages in chat ("Francis is gay" vs. "Wilbur is gay") to memes and screenshots. Some of the more interesting ones are shown below: