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SimPvP also has a creative server, this server is completely separate from the main server. Because of this, the rules there are also different. The build server is intended to allow people who regularly play on the main SimPvP server community access to a creative server. The server has, among other things, been used for creating custom spawns and custom PvP worlds. Access to the build server is a privilege, not a right.

The server is whitelisted, the only way to gain access is for someone already whitelisted to whitelist you.

It is accessed on

The rules

  • Do not grief other people's things. Don't do things in other people's worlds without permission.
  • Don't do unnecessary building. The server's resources are limited, so please don't just worldedit to create huge buildings or whatever just for the fun of it.
  • Every world has to be prefixed by the owner of that world. So if your name is yukarion, and you want to create a world named example, it must be named yukarion-example. If multiple people are to use the same world, select a single person to be the 'owner' of that world.
  • You may only give other people access to the server if they are familiar with these rules, and you trust that they will follow them. To give somebody access, /op them.


The build server uses Multiverse to provide the multiple worlds. Click the link for an intro to multiverse. Also see the full command reference.


Teleport to another player using /tp

Teleporting to the spawn of a world: /mv tp

Creating new world

Normal world (you can also specify seed with -s <seed>):

/mv create <worldname> normal


/mv create <worldname> normal -g CleanroomGenerator

Empty world:

/mv create <worldname> normal -g NullTerrain

After creating a new world, you're gonna want to run these 2 commands

/mv modify set keepSpawnInMemory false

/mv modify set gameMode CREATIVE