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Cavehoe walking ANG3L.png
Ingame name: cavehoe
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: September 2nd 2019

Location: Heaven

Clans: Anti-Racism Coalition
Bases: Mavossa (griefed)

😊❤️ Drain Legend

Starting in September 2020, one year after joining the server, cavehoe has begun working on digging out all the y12 nether subway tunnels to become 2x3 horse size tunnels. They have completed about 10,000 blocks worth, spanning different areas as of Sep. 7th. After cavehoe finishes, they plan on making rail lines in existing tunnels near spawn that only have walkable paths, and also expanding existing rail lines. The horse tunnels are not only beneficial for horse travel, but also elytra use.

If you are ever feeling kind and would like to help improve or repair the subway it would be greatly appreciated and a map can be found here:

^ this above plan is put on hold as Mavossa was griefed and Cavehoe is now out in the millions trying to set up a permanent base, after having stayed at a secret base for a few weeks in hiding, and they have other priorities.