The Lost Island

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The Lost Island
The Lost Island3.jpg
Name: The Lost Island

Status: Active

Formed: June 9th, 2020

Members: kohukene, Glausthe, cavehoe, 8mike, MRN00D1E

The base was founded on the 9th of June in a large ocean, with many islands nearby. The biome gave inspiration for an "Atlantic" style theme for the base. The base is currently very poor but has big plans in the future.


On the 29th of August, a player called Zaakal joined the game (kohukene's alt). He wanted to meet the SFRs again and live at their base, but the SFRs granted him an island instead because of safety protocols. Some days later kohukene decided to stay there. He dug the island 4 blocks below sea level and also invited some friends. Kohukene invited the players, Glausthe and Salinja66. All together, they went on the journey to reach the base, but when kohukene tried to find the portal.. he accidently broke it. Later on, Salinja66 moved to another server to play on. The SFRs established a new portal at the island and so, Glausthe and kohukene finally got there. Later on cavehoe also joined.