Center Triterrus

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Center Triterrus
Name: Center Triterrus

Status: Active

Formed: December 30th, 2018

Location: Triterrus

Center Triterrus is the name given to the square island at the very heart of Triterrus. Sitting only a few blocks from the outrageous sugar and kelp farms, it provides a home and shelter to Triterrus Co-Founder Hamieb, and any other wandering soul from Triterrus who hasn't built their base yet (or are on the run from phantoms).


The island sits in the middle of a half natural, half man-made lake at the very center of Triterrus.


  • It was one of the first structures built of the ever-expanding empire of Triterrus.
  • There isn't actually an official name for this build so it was decided on to refer to it as "The Center" simply due to its geographical location.
  • The house stands almost completely empty as owner, Hamieb, is usually off working on one of the smaller islands around it.