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Name: Triterrus

Status: Active

Formed: January 12th, 2019

Members: Hamieb, Das_Dankgineer, TonTheKidRS, Vinmanh, Duffilufagus, Passaconaway,anthonys244, DarthBacca77, Pdittydunn, SilverBackSlaps

Triterrus is a city founded by Das_Dankgineer, Hamieb, TonTheKidRS, and Vinmanh on January 12th, 2019. Located along the crossroads of three different biomes (jungle, forest and savannah), Triterrus grew significantly after its initial construction, increasing in membership and server recognition. All the members of Triterrus know each other in real life and are childhood friends, incorporating community and trust within their goals as a city. Duffilufagus made a video featuring almost all of Triterrus


Early Foundings

Upon initially joining the server for the first time, Das_Dankgineer, Hamieb (formerly known as EarnedAwesome77), TonTheKidRS and Vinmanh founded a base together, but quickly realized that it was too close to Spawn to guarantee safety. This fact was confirmed upon Hamieb's discovery of a crafting table placed nearby their base, and the realization that the location had been discovered before. Thus, the four set out on a journey through the nether to find a new base, this time much farther away.

The crew settled on a shallow lake surrounded by jungle, forest and savannah biomes; due to this geographic oddity, the four teammates decided to name the future city "Triterrus", literally meaning "three lands". Shortly after founding their new base, the four invited three more members, Duffilufagus, Passaconaway, and anthonys244, respectively. However, when Passaconaway was making his way to Triterrus, he was ambushed by two players.

A Larger Presence

On February 9th, 2019, in order to establish themselves as a legitimate and recognized city, Das_Dankgineer, Hamieb and TonTheKidRS met with ostrich1414 in his former city Quinsigamond. With the three teammates representing Triterrus and ostrich1414 arriving on behalf of his city Struthio, the two entities signed a cooperative peace treaty, forging an alliance between them. Thus, Triterrus became one of Struthio's most important allies, with the two heavily relying on each other for support and trade.

Later, on February 13th, 2019, Das_Dankgineer, on behalf of Triterrus, declared war on SimCoin, a cryptocurrency being promoted by a player of the same name. This lead to two short battles in the PvP world, with SimCoin and b9b9 fighting Das_Dankgineer and Hamieb. Although the first battle resulted in a victory for Triterrus, including the death of SimCoin, the second battle was a draw.

The Conquest Over talksalot011

On March 27, 2019, Hamieb and Das_Dankgineer led an expedition into the spawn area, finding talksalot011's outpost in the process. Here, they discovered the mythical Sand Pillars of talksalot011. These pillars were the subjects of the two part YouTube documentary "Building Pillars of Sand With Torches." ( In the dead of night, Hamieb and Das_Dankgineer grabbed a torch and stole the legendary pillars. Today, those pillars stand in Center Triterrus. Talksalot011 has responded to the attack with relative disinterest until Anthonys244 ruined them, which caused Talksalot011 to call him a fly.


There are 11 members on the Triterrus Team, each with their own unique position in the governemt structure:





  • A wide shot featuring almost all of Triterrus
  • Not shown: Das_Dankgineer, SilverBackSlaps