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Name: Hamie

Status: Active
First joined: December 27th, 2018

Clans: The Commonwealth, Coalition of Allied Bases
Bases: Byzantium, Triterrus, Strangeria, Atlas, Better New Jersey

Hamieb is the Secretary of War and a founding member of The Commonwealth, and a founding member of Triterrus, Atlas, Strangeria, and Byzantium.


Before joining SimPvP, he attempted to play Minecraft with his brother, Das_Dankgineer, on a LAN server. After Das_Dankgineer’s computer crashed several times, causing strange chunk glitches, the two of them were ready to blow up Das_Dankgineer’s computer. Later, when Duffilufagus opened Das’ computer, we realized it will blow up anyways if he doesn’t get a new battery soon.

Hamieb joined SimPvP on December 27th, 2018. Due to his experience in Minecraft and the relatively peaceful condition of the server, he was easily able to establish The Outpost. The Outpost was a small farming base which allowed him to be safe from the chaos of spawn. He was fortunate enough to find a skeleton spawner in a cave under the outpost. He made a skeleton farm from the spawner, turning the collection point of the farm into his main headquarters. Over the next few days he invited Das, TonTheKidRS, and Vinmanh to the base. In The Outpost, they shared most of their resources and get enchanted diamond armor. After gaining a considerable amount of resources they founded Triterrus. In Triterrus, Hamieb is responsible for building a significant amount of the farms, including the sugar farm, villager breeder, iron farm, and worked with TonTheKidRS to create the kelp, pumpkin, and melon farms. Later he founded Better New Jersey, an industrial wasteland with bipolar climate. The base has some of the team’s most valuable farms and quarries. Hamieb was selected as the Secretary of War in Triterrus due to his amazing efficiency in planning out attacks.


  • Hamieb is not Arabic