Helter Skelter

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Helter Skelter
Name: Helter Skelter

Status: Active

Formed: Mid 2013

Members: M_BRIX, CrackyJoe, miniwimi

Helter Skelter is a base founded by M_BRIX and CrackyJoe in 2013. Miniwimi also joined the base sometime in 2014 and added many improvements. Skelter has an old imgur album here: [1]

It is a large cobblestone abomination--probably the worst base on the server. It is built with a "form follows function" approach. In essence it is just a set of different farms, some storage, and a bed. However, there are some interspersed niceties. Its disjointed form inspired M_BRIX to come up with the name.


  • Big ass dumb mob farm
  • 65 block (I think) diameter hole in the ocean, containing slime and creeper farms
  • Gold farm
  • 7 golem spawnpad iron farm
  • "THE COOKIE MONSTER" 10,304 farmable block mixed cocoa bean/wheat farm. Probably in contention for largest on the server. Can produce a metric fuckton of cookies. Takes too long to replant.