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Status: Active
First joined: June 2013

Location: Dirty Jerz
Coords: Closer than you think
Clans: Nameless (Former), Blue Orchid Cult (Former)
Bases: Helter Skelter, Gregoria, Swamp castle, Struthio, Segoria

CrackyJoe is an on-again off-again player who first joined the server in June 2013.

Shitty Beginnings

CrackyJoe spent his early days on SimPvP under the ruins of Castle Black, starving to death every day and allowing his carrot crops to grow. Once the crop yield was sufficient, Joe walked about 4k from spawn and established an underground base known as "Cracktown". Cracktown was a real shithole, but provided a safe and functional starting point.

Nether Rail and Helter Skelter

Somewhere around this time, CrackyJoe told his brother M_BRIX about the server and the two joined together at Cracktown. Not long after BRIX's arrival, CrackyJoe discovered the Nether subway during one of his evening strolls. This changed absolutely everything for Joe and BRIX, as it aided them in travelling far enough out to establish a significant overworld base above ground. After discovering a number of places such as Suit's tower, Eden and pooligan and berni's place, BRIX and CrackyJoe had scouted out a location for a high altitude mob farm over the middle of an ocean. This site would later become known as Helter Skelter--as dubbed by M_BRIX. It is the main base of the two that still stands ungriefed to this day.

CrackyJoe built a mob farm at Helter Skelter, and for a time the whole base was simply a mob farm, probably some chests, and a bed. M_BRIX did much of the hard leg work for the base--constructing an iron farm surrounding the central spire at Helter Skelter, pigman-proofing and repairing the nether rail for some distance, establishing pigman farms such as Pigman's Folly, and making a bunch of ugly cobble additions to the base.

CrackyJoe spent a lot of time wandering around like a jackass, finding things here and there and following the nether rail out to Damocles.

Mini & Co.

I don't remember exactly how it happened, but CrackyJoe & M_BRIX became friends with miniwimi sometime around the fall of Nirvana. Mini was invited to live at Helter Skelter, and came over to make many improvements and additions to the base. Mini brought CrackyJoe out to Nirvana and Svea Fort, and established a short lived (but pretty cool) wood-plank laketown with Cracky, Brix, and Infam0us. That place suspiciously burnt to the ground. Cracky started a few side projects, because Helter Skelter was just so damn ugly, and he wanted a more aesthetic place to call his own. Around this time was probably a long hiatus, graduating college, etc.

The Return - Nameless and BOC

Sometime in late 2015, Cracky returned to SimPvP and was invited by miniwimi to team up with Quint, infam0us, M_BRIX, possibly Fluz43 and INDIGO011, and bloystercultist aka pippinger #27 at "the flying donut" aka Gregoria. Cracky was probably at this base for only a few days before bad blood he didn't even know about spilled over and the donut was invaded and claimed by The Principate. CrackyJoe found this event unfortunate, but remained with the team to establish a new base and to formalize their team as the Blue Orchid Cult. Cracky takes credit for both the edgy name of the clan and the edgy banner design (but it's kinda cool tbh). Ironically/Coincidentally Blue Orchid Cult was a half-joking spin off of the band Blue Öyster Cult, which is the same basis for the player BloysterCultist a.k.a. Pippenger that ended up fucking the team over twice.

Some unfortunate stuff happened with the BOC blowing up some bases, perhaps justifiably. Cracky is not much for griefing himself, but was still close with team members who totally were. Work on the new BOC base was steady and cool until one day everything went to shit and Cracky's house blew up and the base was eradicated. There was talk of re-establishing BOC strength once more, but after losing a bit of work, Cracky didn't feel like playing Minecraft again for quite some time as real life took over.

Hey, Let's Play Minecraft Again

I got bored one day and decided to fire up Minecraft for the first time in like 2 years at around early November 2018, just before the server updated to 1.13. I'm back to have a good time and build some shit. None of my old teammates except Fluz and possibly indigo011 / starseed11 still play, but I'm cool with pretty much everyone who isn't a shit, so let's party and snort some redstone lines.