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Ingame name: M_BRIX
Status: Active
First joined: June 30th 2013

Clans: Nameless (Former), Blue Orchid Cult (Former), Coalition of Allied Bases (Current)
Bases: Helter Skelter, Gregoria, Swamp castle, Struthio, Segoria

M_BRIX is a player who joined the server on June 30th, 2013. The real-life brother of CrackyJoe, the two have worked together at a variety of historically-important bases, most notably those affiliated with Nameless and the Blue Orchid Cult, which includes Gregoria and Swamp castle, among others. After the end of the Great Wars in which the BOC experienced much turbulence, M_BRIX was launched into a long-term hiatus before returning a few years later.

M_BRIX and CrackyJoe also have their own personal base together, Helter Skelter, which functions as a heavily industrial base. In fact, M_BRIX himself devised the name based on its heavily disjointed appearance, and has created many of the farms there.

In 2019, M_BRIX was invited to Struthio by ostrich1414 and CrackyJoe, where he worked until its abandonment in May of that year. He currently resides as their new city created after Struthio, known as Segoria. At both of these cities, M_BRIX has made a name for himself by constructing large sculptures and statues.