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Ingame name: LidGuy
Alts: LidGay, FalseKnight, Witchbrook, MantisLords
Status: Active
First joined: February 7th, 2021

Location: Canada

Clans: Church of Francis, LoveOstrichForces, LoveLordForces, Crossbow Gang The alpha Chads of Simpvp
Bases: FFWC, Mooford Compound, Madrid, Larpia, OPERIMENTUM, Solium

LidGuy is a Canadian player on SimPvP and also a Disciple in the Empire of Francis. He really enjoys building, trading and getting rich and doesn't like making enemies. LidGuy is cool. He joined February 7th 2021 and since then has gotten over 500 hours. Some things you may know him for are his YouTube videos or for creating the OOW x COF x GS alliance drawing.


The Beginning

LidGuy was invited onto Sim by __Corleone_ to sign a book. When he first joined he was immediately recruited into the Holy States of Francis by Lord1.

The first of LidGuy's bases was a spawn worker camp, named the FFWC, he occupied this base for the beginning stages of his time on SimPvP. After his first day he went inactive for about a month but then came back. He started off working in the FFWC and eventually started his own base with Coldsauce, TheMustacheKing and LLx.

After about a week of playing at the FFWC Lord1 brought LidGuy and the others to a spot far from spawn. This was known as Mooford Compound. They didn't really stay at that base long because it was quite close to Quabbin. Once they realized this LidGuy flew out a ways from there and then started a new base called Madrid. Mooford Compound was griefed shortly after due to LLx bringing an untrustworthy player there.


Around this time LidGuy was becoming more well known in the Sim community. He had been living in Madrid for quite a while but later on he would fly further out and start his own personal project of building a megabase. Later he would bring his friends over to it and they would call it home. Later, LLx lead an 11 year old to Madrid and she would leak the coordinates in public chat. Causing Madrid to be immediately abandoned. They all fled to LidGuy's city which would be named Larpia. They had been working on Larpia for around a month or two but it seemed the inspiration for this base had died down. Sadly, this bases expectations were WAY too high for the start of it and no one had motivation to work on it.

New Found Motivation

After LLx and LidGuy had found that the motivation levels to work on Larpia were very low they decided to make a new base known as OPERIMENTUM. OP's plans were a lot more simple, they were starting small and going big, this base was going well for a few weeks until LLx had made a portal from Larpia to a base with KohukeSFR, 8mike and some others. We are uncertain how 8mike found LLx's portal but he instantly gave the coordinates away and Larpia as well as OPERIMENTUM would be griefed.


After losing almost everything the gang had set sail to find a new spot. Once they had they would call it Solium. Solium was planned to be a multi-themed base with 4 corners each with 1 theme. LLx would also bring his brother to this place. After some discussion LidGuy and the rest of the members decided to abandon the base. They would rename that base to Solium Beta and found a new base called Solium Alpha. This is where LidGuy is working to this day.



Appropriate Nicknames Things that are acceptable to call LidGuy:

  • LidGuy
  • Lid
  • Lids
  • LidMan
  • LidDude
  • LidFellow
  • LidIndividual
  • LidGent
  • LidLad
  • LidPerson

Inappropriate Nicknames Things that are not acceptable to call LidGuy:

  • LidBoy
  • The N-Word
  • Stupid Idiot
  • Dad
  • Mom
  • Penis