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Ingame name: LittleBoxOfEmo
Alts: None Known

First joined: Forums: Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:19 am
Last seen: Forums: Tue May 14, 2013 3:44 pm, Still active via Steam

Location: Sweden[citation needed]
Coords: Current Position Unknown

LittleBoxOfEmo had a close, real-life relationship with another player, BoxyLiz. LittleBoxOfEmo was the founder and coordinator of the best-known building projects whose legacies still exist on the server's map today, and she also managed the movement of her team members and of the resources inside the cities she occupied.

BoxyLiz (Actual name Lisa) and LittleBoxOfEmo (Actual name Jennifer) were often difficult to distinguish and often used each other's accounts, making telling them apart a sometimes futile effort. However, both of them could usually answer any question asked regarding the Cities, however BoxOfEmo clearly had everything planned and could answer all questions involving layout and construction details.

LittleBoxOfEmo set out to construct Eden presumably not long after she joined the forums. She also recruited the help of BoxyLiz and some other obscure players at the time. However, soon the World Limit was put into effect, trapping them outside the center of the map. This meant that dying would mean instant reset to spawn, regardless of circumstances. Unfortunately, many players whom where constructing Eden died in dangerous mob fights or from building accidents, cutting the team's sized and productivity. Many of the players simply quit after the project was barred from them. BoxOfEmo managed to stay alive and regroup the few players that remained with her, and continue constructing Eden.

However, Eden was compromised by YoungsMC. Hearing of the news that the coordinates to Eden had been revealed, all valuables were packed and sailed over the ocean three days in advance before YoungsMC was able to attack Eden. Along the path to the new base, Avalon, LoneSoldier55 suffered a boating accident 10,000 meters from the destination, nearly loosing a sum of the valuables in the process. However, teammates were close at hand to pick up the slack and no loot was reported lost.

BoxOfEmo planned Avalon much the same way Eden had been built, however had no desire to construct it in the middle of the ocean again. Avalon was instead built into the cliff face of a small mountain, with a swamp nearby. Avalon maintained the same cylindrical design in the center, however the diameter, instead of being 45 meters, was considerably smaller at only 20 meters across. Majority of Avalon was laid out in the large area carved out underneath the mountain, and BoxOfEmo planned to have multiple floors rung around the cylindrical structure in the center. However, Avalon was compromised by a team member on the inside of the base, and plans for Avalon were halted not 3 months into development, forcing the team to move again a far distance to a desert, where The Hive was constructed.

BoxOfEmo had many plans for The Hive, however construction was largely unfinished as many players abandoned The Hive due to a lack of interest in playing Minecraft for some time. Eventually, she decided on moving and starting a base at Damoceles, yet another construction project.

BoxyLiz and LittleBoxOfEmo, because the accounts were so closely intertwined, were both nominated and accepted to become Operators on the server. Much is still unknown about how BoxOfEmo stands on playing Minecraft, however she has not been sighted in the server nor on the forum since Tue May 14, 2013 3:44 pm. She is, however, still active on Steam. BoxOfEmo is a legacy among the older players of the server and has constructed and maintained some of the largest cities and coordinated the most players on a team to date.