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Avalon 1.png
Name: Avalon

Status: Unknown
Date: Shortly after Eden's Abandonment

Formed: Unknown
Abandoned: Approximately three months after Eden's Abandonment
Location: Undisclosed
Coords: Undisclosed

Avalon is a large base created to surpass Eden in functionality and size. The primary heads of the project were LittleBoxOfEmo and BoxyLiz, whilst the general workers consisted of Worldruler086, LoneSoldier55, and a sparse few others.


Avalon's general layout followed Eden's circular-shaft/floor design, however, this base was instead built into the side of a mountain instead of the center of the ocean, making clearing the structure far easier than its predecessor. The base focused more heavily on movement by vehicles rather than by feet alone. Accommodations were made for boat-based travel, with railway systems to be placed in later. Notable Places:

  • Water Elevator

An 8x8 square stretching from bedrock to Y=136. This structure could be entered from the bottom canal by boat, where the user could ride this waterfall to the top of the mountain. An air pocket made of fences was provided along the halfway mark of the elevator.

  • Canal System

A layout of canals that covered the general ground floor of Avalon. These lead outside and into the Water Elevator.

  • Mr. Bones Wild Ride

A 4,800 sized auto-harvesting wheat farm constructed by LoneSoldier55 and Kidman132. The system caused much client and server-side lag when activated at full capacity, so a complicated system of safeties was installed to ensure harvesting took place only when needed. The system required 4 Redstone torches to be placed and sealed in containers, and a switch in a secret room which would only open when the torches were sealed to be pulled to the proper position to activate the Wild Ride. Yielded, on average, 4,800 (75 Stacks or 2.083 inventories) of wheat and approximately 10,560 (165 Stacks or 4.583 inventories) of seeds. This means that approximately 15,360 (240 Stacks or 6 and 2/3 inventories) were produced by this machine. The machine produced 1,600 (25 Stacks or .0694 inventories) loaves of bread per cycle. Could also be adapted to mass-produce carrots and potatoes, however, tests were never run with these crops. The machine was planned to be doubled in height, bringing the yield to 9,600 wheat, however, such planes were abandoned.

  • Automatic Chicken Farm

A fully automated chicken farm which took produced eggs and fed them back into the chicken pit. Once the pit detected an overflow of mobs via pressure plates on the edge of the tank, this triggered arrows for automatic population control, resulting in a completely autonomous farm.

  • Scenic Railway

A Railway which served a dual purpose of touring the ground floor and canal area from the ceiling and transporting a player from the ground-floor storage room to the upper storage and potion rooms.