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Name: Midgard

Status: Inactive

Formed: 2013

Members: HughR, poppin_fresh, BrentwoodBay, Trazic, jcpman, merryfistmas, KennyKatsu

Midgard is a large base founded by HughR sometime in 2013. The base spans thousands of blocks along a snowy tundra biome and features several large builds, each within a seemingly unique district. These different "districts" within the base are all connected by a long railway system, which features several stops. Based on a first impression, Midgard appears to have three distinct "districts": a seaport, a medieval town, and an industrial area.

The seaport contains a large yacht docked at the coast of the base, with an outdated mob farm hovering above the land below. Several smaller farms and buildings dot this area, and the beginning of the railway system is also located here.

The medieval town is the largest of the districts, and it features several notable buildings, each made of spruce wood variants. Some of the buildings are named, including "The Hall of the Aesir", "Freya's Fertility Brewing Hut" and the "Shards of Midgard Museum". In fact, the term "Midgard" is seen throughout this district, which may allude to the base's name. A large temple also sits outside of this town, as well as a nether brick castle.

The industrial are features a massive piece of land completely covered in cobblestone, and dozens of pre-1.14 iron farms scattered across the sky.

Unfortunately, a great amount of Midgard's history is lost to time as many of its members have quit the server years ago. What is known as that it was founded by HughR in 2013, and BrentwoodBay and KennyKatsu were also building the general area when they stumbled upon each other, and thus decided to merge their bases into one large one (hence the base's massive size and distance between each district). In fact, it is unknown if the base's name is genuinely "Midgard", but it was given to the base by ostrich1414 after he discovered it in September 2019, derived from various signs he had seen which said "Midgard" on them. While Midgard is no longer active, it stands as an ode to the early days of SimPvP and the massive accomplishments that could be completed even back then.


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