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Name: MrCramYT

Status: Active
First joined: January 18th, 2020

Bases: Unidad

MrCramYT is a player who joined SimPvP on January 18th, 2020. He is well-known for being a Spanish YouTuber with a large following, peaking at 52,000 subscribers as of mid-January, with a couple million total views. When it was announced that he had planned on making a video on SimPvP, with a bit of help from NeutralistNoodle (a fellow SimPvP YouTuber), a massive majority of the SimPvP population decided to band together in defiance against this, citing the irreversible damages a massive influx of new players would cause to the server.

On January 18th, 2020, the same day MrCramYT first joined (although he had alt accounts prior to his main's appearance), TheOnlySlash organized The Second Siege, with dozens of players putting aside their differences and coming together to fight against MrCramYT. This included building a massive obsidian wall around spawn, filling it with lava, initiating TNT bombers, and lavacasting. MrCramYT was also personally placed on a KOS list, and was relentlessly attacked, killed and quarantined as a result of the Second Siege and its defiance against him. This would ultimately result in MrCramYT deciding not to release the video.

Cram No Video 2.PNG

After the Second Siege ended almost a week later, server conditions normalized and MrCramYT escaped spawn, founding his first base on January 23rd, named Unidad. Nagol101 and NeutralistNoodle would both be invited to assist MrCramYT at Unidad, where he worked hard to establish a natural lush base as players on the server began to warm up to him.

Unidad 2.png


2020-01-20 12.03.39.png CramYTChannel.PNG Unidad 1.png