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Boris Slash.jpg
Ingame name: TheOnlySlash
Status: Active
First joined: June 13th, 2017

Location: United Kingdom

Clans: The Fellowship (Former), The Dominion (Current), North Koria (Clan) (Current), The Republic (Current)
Bases: Semper Idem, WILLAMHH, Further North Koria, Belgium

TheOnlySlash is a player who joined the server on June 13th, 2017. Despite playing very infrequently at first, TheOnlySlash would soon return full-time and become much more active throughout 2019 and 2020, where he established several new teams, bases and movements, becoming one of the more notable new players of that year. TheOnlySlash is well-known for his erratic, confrontational mannerisms, often describing himself as "autistic".


Early History

Despite joining the server on June 13th, 2017, TheOnlySlash would log in very rarely; it was only during the beginning of 2019, during SimPvP's massive player boom, when he would return to play regularly. By February 2019, TheOnlySlash began his mission to travel to the world border via the Nether, tunneling through many thousands of blocks of netherrack; here, he established several new lines for the Nether subway. However, this project would be quickly abandoned, remaining unfinished as TheOnlySlash lost interest.

Beginning of the Fellowship

By late February, TheOnlySlash, along with Rainyday203 and Optarium, established the team The Fellowship. The Fellowship became one of the first major teams of 2019, quickly gaining more members through players including MutualistManiac, The_Arma, Nagol101, Comfortably_Dumb, CranberryWarrior and more. The Fellowships' first major base and unofficial headquarters during its early phase was Semper Idem, founded by the original three members.


Perhaps the most volatile era of TheOnlySlash's career was the War of the Fellowships. On March 14th, 2019, TheOnlySlash attempted to assassinate three members of the team the Fellowship of the Kittens with an end crystal bomb; the attack failed, and TheOnlySlash immediately fled the scene. This resulted in the FOK declaring war on the Fellowship, and several months of tensions between the two culminated. While no real fighting would take place during the "war", several bases connected to the two teams were griefed. While Semper Idem became the first base to be griefed by the FOK, TheOnlySlash and his team retaliated by griefing Fort Thunder, Kittenspear and eventually the FOK's capital city, Syracusai. The new clan Empire of Odin went on to grief most of The Fellowship's bases after they were leaked by Korijenkins after agreeing to do so with Slash himself.

By late May 2019, the Fellowship's activity was declining severely as TheOnlySlash logged in less frequently. Korijenkins, a player who joined the Fellowship during the War of the Fellowships, eventually revealed that he was insiding the team; he promptly leaked much of the Fellowship's base coordinates after raiding them, forcing the Fellowship to immediately disband. This was soon revealed by TheOnlySlash to be a staged event by the two, as TheOnlySlash disliked the direction that the Fellowship was headed, as well as its constant inactivity.

The Siege

The next phase of TheOnlySlash occurred with The Siege, a temporary team of players established on June 16th, 2019. The Siege's goals primarily boiled down to the destruction of Spawn, making it more difficult for new players to escape in an attempt to filter out those who are able to handle the server and its unforgiving environment. These goals aligned with TheOnlySlash's desire for a more rough, inhospitable spawn, as he felt SimPvP's current one was far too "easy" to survive in.


The Siege's only real opponent was the YMP Crusade, established by Lord1 the same day the Siege was founded. One of the YMP Crusaders' missions was to disrupt the Siege's pro-destruction projects, retaliating against their goals. Several skirmishes occurred in and around spawn between the Siege and the YMP Crusade during June 2019, with TheOnlySlash and Lord1 harboring an intense hatred for each other.

The Dominion

Meanwhile, TheOnlySlash also developed a serious building team with SirTashingdon (temporarily under the alias LadyLucan), founding the underground base Woah, It looks like a meteor hit here!. This base, referred to as WILLAMHH, became the main staple of their new team, The Dominion: a building organization with other notable bases under their belt, including Xandus and Shitty Meth Lab 2.

Meteor Site.png

The Holy Wilbur-Francis War

After going on a hiatus for a few months, TheOnlySlash returned in the fall of 2019; this time, he joined while the server was in the midst of The Holy Wilbur-Francis War. Due to his rivalry with Lord1, who was the leader of the Church of Francis, TheOnlySlash officially joined The Order of Wilbur and assisted them in waging war against the Francillian Army. TheOnlySlash's most notable contribution during the war effort was his performance at the Battle of Azpipia on October 28th, 2019, where he utilized his end crystal PvP tactic to successfully eliminate several Francillian soldiers. TheOnlySlash was also vital in organizing many aspects of the war effort, which would ultimately assist in the Order of Wilbur achieving a victory of the Church of Francis on November 18th.


The Intervention War

As a result of joining the Order of Wilbur, TheOnlySlash had also become a member of the Shadow Mcmafia. On November 23rd, 2019, TheOnlySlash, along with clipchip and JavelinFury, griefed MutualistManiac's base, Pasta Bowl, and killed _Unix2010 while there. This angered MutualistManiac, who felt betrayed by TheOnlySlash, and he even wrote a song about it.

Between December 2019 and January 2020, TheOnlySlash (and the Dominion at large) became more heavily involved in the Intervention War against the Bloc for Clans. TheOnlySlash used his end crystal PvP tactics to his advantage, scoring several notable kills ranging from Lord1 to AntHand to Sellout9. Unlike the Holy Wilbur-Francis War before it, the Intervention War consisted mainly of smaller-scale PvP fights and spawn skirmishes, often with only a few players fighting at a time. Nonetheless, TheOnlySlash's activity and involvement in this war would help the Dominion gather more victories and confirmed kills.

The Second Siege

On January 18th, 2020, TheOnlySlash established and organized The Second Siege, a sequel to the first Siege which served as a direct response to YouTuber MrCramYT's plans to make a video on SimPvP. Certain that such a video would spell for disaster on the already-laggy server, which would not be able to handle an influx of new players, TheOnlySlash began the Second Siege in order to fight against MrCramYT, and noobs at large, rendering spawn impenetrable and highly defended. The Second Siege was successful in stopping both MrCramYT's planned video and dozens of noobs, and it eventually disbanded within a week. The Second Siege served as one of the few times in SimPvP history where the entire playerbase unified together, despite their differences, to pursue one common goal.

Siege II Group 1.png

End of the Intervention War and Hiatus

After the uncommon unification of the Second Siege, SimPvP returned to its chaotic roots and the Intervention War persisted well until March 2020. Being a focal member of the opposition against the Bloc for Clans, TheOnlySlash partook in numerous small skirmishes around spawn and the PvP world. In fact, due to the frequent use of end crystal PvP tactics employed at spawn, particularly popularized by TheOnlySlash himself, the Bloc for Clans flooded spawn in what was known as "Operation MB II" in order to stop the constant crystalling at spawn. Despite this minor inconvenience, TheOnlySlash continued his assaults against the BC, taking part in the grief of AtacFauxpas's base alongside clipchip and Zepheron.

Atacfauxpas grief.png

However, the Intervention War would draw to a close by March 2020 as both parties became tired of the seemingly endless skirmishes, resulting in an unofficial armistice. The end of the war also resulted in a brief period of semi-hiatus for TheOnlySlash, who rarely logged onto the server between March and late May. His one major contribution during this time of stagnation would be the founding of the base TIGOOHNTATOT alongside Korijenkins, a short-lived base created on April 20th that also housed PhamtomGuy.


Rise of the Republic

By June 2020, TheOnlySlash had returned to SimPvP regularly once again. Slowly but surely, TheOnlySlash's primary enemy, Lord1, had been using his power in the Church of Francis to establish an unlawful empire--something TheOnlySlash strictly opposed. Alongside other members of the Dominion, and outsiders like VetoTheNeato and ostrich1414, TheOnlySlash helped found The Republic to denounce Lord1 and his values, and to cripple the Church of Francis. Some of their early work included the draining of Operation MB II's water cubes at spawn (known as "Operation Dry Boiz") and the major grief of Two Words, which TheOnlySlash carried out alongside other Republic members.

Two Words Grief.png

TheOnlySlash would also partake in public works projects for the Republic, namely by assisting 4Pilot in his endeavor to fix the four major spawn highways and upgrade them to a more sturdy state of being. Outside of the Republic, TheOnlySlash would begin building with Korijenkins at Belgium, a massive underground base administered by North Koria (Clan).

Fun Facts

  • On April 24th, 2019, TheOnlySlash was ambushed and killed by clipchip, resulting in him pretending to "quit" SimPvP; many believed this.
  • TheOnlySlash is 11-years-old.
  • TheOnlySlash is 13-years-old.
  • TheOnlySlash leaked the coordinates to the major city Struthio.
  • He is British and will only accept British players into The Dominion
  • He has griefed many, many, many bases, from Quinsigamond to Syracusai to Eden to Pasta Bowl.
  • TheOnlySlash has only died in pvp once and this was to clipchip.
  • "Oi bruv u fokin neek, likkle man better dash before mans get wrecked W/ the dotty. mandem got bare waps you mug." -TheOnlySlash