The Second Siege

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The Second Siege
Name: The Second Siege

Status: Ended

Formed: January 18th, 2020
Disbanded: January 21st, 2020

Members: Listed in the "Ranks" Section
Clans: The Dominion, Shadow Mcmafia, Church of Francis, North Koria (Clan), The Order of Wilbur, Bloc for Clans, Tuggle Town

The Second Siege began on January 18th of 2020. Unlike The First Siege, this one was unopposed by any major groups, and featured a much larger active member list. Within hours, The Second Siege had become the largest group of active players in server history.

For a video highlighting the first 2-3 days of the Second Siege and its effects, click this link:

Siege II Group 1.png Siege II Group 2.png


The Second Siege began on January 18th, 2020 in response to the threat of an impending invasion known as The Hispanic Panic. Within hours, large amounts of players had set aside their differences to travel to spawn and defend the server. The same day the group was founded, a large wall of solid obsidian was built around spawn, extinct lavacasts were reactivated along with the creation of new ones, trees were burnt, and plans to move several elder guardians to spawn were put in place.

While spawn was placed on lockdown, the reason for the imminent attack, a YouTuber known as MrCramYT, had already escaped spawn and was recording footage for his video about SimPVP that he planned to release to his 50,000 subscribers. As a man hunt was active for the YouTuber, Lord1 got his location and kitted him up but shortly after killed him sending him back to spawn. With MrCramYT once again trapped inside of spawn, members of The Second Siege were able to concern themselves with improving defenses rather than searching for annoying YouTubers.

As the spawn area was surrounded and partially covered in water, Korijenkins came up with a plan to move guardians into the waters. While weak against geared players, they were more than capable of severely hampering or killing a naked newfag. 8 "Korlings" were transported to spawn, where they scattered. At the same time, Egnaroky and Nddragoon were working on moving an elder guardian to spawn, which would make punching through an obsidian wall an impossible task for the Spaniard invaders.

On January 20th, The Second Siege faced internal arguments, as Lord1 and Sellout9 publicly voiced their belief in changing the 'inner circle' to a more diverse range of members representing more clans and or bases (solely because of their disdain for The Dominion members who largely ran it), despite success up to that point. During the dispute, MrCram managed to escape from spawn, this time with help, and this time for good. With the group's prime enemy out of reach, the focus turned back towards spawn, with members ready to make the area inescapable for the invasion many feared would soon occur.

By January 21st, the obsidian wall was at its height in terms of size and length; unfortunately, Azdin, a known pro-spawn maintainer, began to break the bottom few layers of the obsidian wall, rendering it easier for new players to leave spawn. Meanwhile, the inner council and the members of the Second Siege held a vote, and agreed to remove the current wall in response to this and move it back a few blocks, so as to be able kill any wall vandalizers without the interference of the anti-pvp plugin from spawn.


Much like The First Siege, the goals of The Second Siege were to heavily grief spawn, as well as construct a large obsidian wall trapping new players inside. Another goal was to prohibit MrCramYT from releasing his SimPvP video to the public through containment and propaganda.

Notable Battles and Conflicts

Lord1 Kills MrCram 19th jan.

MrCram dies many times 20th jan.

MrCram also escapes 20th jan.

KOS List

MrCramYT, MutualistManiac, Azdin, 2b2tard, Any player who joined after January 18th, 2020.


Inner Council: TheOnlySlash, Zepheron, Clipchip, Nddragoon, VetoTheNeato, Korijenkins, ostrich1414

Members: Blockplanet94, Egnaroky, IAmTheSheriff, Koeng, Tinsz, TonTheKidRS, AntHand, Antzakes1, Cutman, JavelinFury, Jtov, Kenkohyo, Kibble, Lord1, MoWobbler, Trppbll, Tissue/Nohu, iPyxis, Sellout9, Sengorn Leopard, seventwoworlds, Tenced, Unix_system, Kadenis, 2b2tard, cheesy_chips22, pippenger, PlazmaZx