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Ingame name: MrDavid99
Alts: MrBased99
Status: Active
First joined: May 5th, 2020

Location: Spain

Clans: Holy States of Francis (Priest)Trade Federation (Officer) FuckOstrichForces (Founder)
Bases: 3Words, Hispania, 007, Exilio I, Belgica, Albacete, 4am, Berk, Hype Base


Spanish player, known as MrDavid99, is one of the Priests of Holy States of Francis, as well as the General of the Spanish Legion


MrDavid99 first joined SimPvP on May 5th 2020. He was one of the leaders of the Spanish Inquisition, as well he's an honorable Priest of Holy States of Francis. He joined the server before the events of the 2nd Hispanic Panic, and he leaded the Spaniards (with chipinazo and Diakhaba) to a secure base. David has participated in many events, as well as wars and battles, notably the The Imperial War. Due to disputes with the members of the Inquisition and the different thoughts that were had in the group, David decided that the best thing was to separate from the Inquisition. He now lives in a common base between Francilians and Inquisitors, ez


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