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Yo sin fondo.PNG
Ingame name: INQ_MrDavid99, MrDavid99
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: May 5th, 2020

Location: Spain

Clans: Church of Francis Spanish Inquisition

Spanish player, known as MrDavid99, is a blessed Disciple and Commander of the Church of Francis and one of the co-founders of the Spanish Inquisition


MrDavid99 first joined SimPvP on May 5th 2020. He was one of the leaders of the Spanish Inquisition, as well he's an honorable Commander of Church of Francis. He joined the server before the events of the 2nd Hispanic Panic, and he leaded the Spaniards (with chipinazo and Diakhaba) to a secure base. With the events of the The Imperial War, MrDavid decided to leave the Spanish Inquisition (due to internal conflicts), and go as a Commander to fight with the Church of Francis. Now, he finally returned to the Inquisition to stay. He lives at Hispania, The main Inquisition base, and at a secret base he made just in case


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