The Imperial War

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The Imperial War
The Imperial War.PNG
Name: The Imperial War

Status: Ended through Mutual Peace

Formed: December 10th, 2020
Disbanded: January 28th, 2021

Clans: People's Coalition, Church of Francis

The Imperial War was a politically-motivated war fought between two groups: the People's Coalition (a loose collective of several teams) and the Church of Francis. The war began on December 10th, 2020, when the People's Coalition formally declared war on the Church of Francis; this was largely due to their perception of the Church of Francis as an aggressive imperialist threat on SimPvP.

On January 28th, 2021, the Imperial War officially came to an end, after days of negotiating, when representatives of both the People's Coalition and the Church of Francis formally agreed to mutual peace, with no clear winner or loser.

While many have compared the Imperial War to The Holy Wilbur-Francis War, the two were vastly different; whereas the Holy War was a religious quarrel between the Church of Francis and The Order of Wilbur, the Imperial War was far more political in nature, with each member organization of the People's Coalition citing their own reasons for supporting war against the Church of Francis.


Below is a look at the participants of the Imperial War, breaking down the teams and members involved in fighting / griefing (NOTE: Only those actively involved in war affairs are included):


Below is a list of all former participants of the Imperial War, and what group they were allegiant to (these are only players who withdrew or became neutral in the middle of the war):


Pre-War Connotations

After the end of The Holy Wilbur-Francis War and several minor conflicts, the Church of Francis and The Order of Wilbur had entered a relative state of peace. Of course, the Church of Francis itself was not without any conflict: as the anti-Lord1 team The Republic rose to prominence in the summer of 2020, the Church of Francis found themselves constantly at odds with them, even resulting in a major series of griefs from the COF's own Two Words and Olgremont to the old Wilburian base Stonetown. The Francillian-Republican proxy war was largely in place due to the Republic's growing dissatisfaction with the Church of Francis' motivations, and their perception of Lord1 as a power-hungry tyrant.

Olgremont Grief 1.png

By fall 2020, things had once again slowed down, but there were still growing tensions amid periods of peace. The Battle of Swampland was the first major battle between the Order of Wilbur and the Church of Francis since the Holy War, resulting in a Francillian victory. There were also a string of bases griefed and utterly decimated by the Church of Francis as part of a targeted attack known as Operation Red Terror, where the bases of COF enemies (mostly Two Word griefers/leakers) were griefed. The Church of Francis had also been steadily growing, adding more members to its ranks, and even forming their Empire that would lay claim to numerous bases across the server. Meanwhile, many other groups on SimPvP were starting to grow weary of what they saw as aggressive recklessness.


In early December 2020, tensions soared to an all-time high. On December 4th, AntHand was killed by a Francillian in /world; a few days later, on December 7th, Sellout9 and his alleged alt were killed in /world by xexc and Lord1, Sellout9 was invited to /world by Lord1 for a peaceful meeting and was killed by Xexc. Both killings took place as AntHand and Sellout are on the Francillian rebel list for camping Xexc at spawn during the Holy War anniversary. Enraged by these killings, another battle in /world occurred later that same day, with several soon-to-be People's Coalition members ambushing a plethora of neutral Francillians on the battlefield, forcing them to flee. These battles, coupled with the growing resentment towards the Church of Francis' imperialist endeavors and griefings, led numerous anti-Francillians to band together and plan an act of war.

Little did the soon to be 'PC' know, COF spies had gathered intelligence on this plot for war a week prior to the declaration, and immediately started scrabbling troops and base coords together, and even prepared a DNN video for when the PC declared war.

The People's Coalition Declares War

On December 8th, several players opposed to the Church of Francis convened into a group soon to be known as the "People's Coalition", a loose collective of several pre-established teams on the server, all dedicated specifically to waging war against the Church of Francis. These groups included The Order of Wilbur, GS Trading Co., YeeterMyPeeter, Goldforge Citadel, the Order of the Wyvern, Fucktown, and later Shakatak. Originally, TheOnlySlash and Korijenkins had also been involved with the movement, although they were later kicked from the group after a quarrel with Sellout9. As the People's Coalition moved forward with their plans, it appeared that war was inevitable.

On December 10th, over fifteen People's Coalition members all met at Lakeside Lodge, a Church of Francis outpost created by Aebo a few months earlier. The base was severely and utterly griefed, and it was here that they decided to officially announce their war declaration: all PC members at Lakeside Lodge spammed the chat with their war declarations against the Church of Francis. War was officially on.

Lakeside Lodge 1.png Lakeside Lodge 2.png Lakeside Lodge 3.png

Immediately after griefing Lakeside Lodge, the People's Coalition moved to Gibraltar Castle, a massive spawn temple created by several new Francillian members. The temple was also severely griefed and destroyed, and any remaining items were looted.

Gibraltar Castle 1.png Gibraltar Castle 2.png

After the grief, the PC forces remained stationed at Gibraltar Castle for over two hours, waiting for any potential Francillians to come by (although this never occurred). The only fight would arise when INQ_Nikox entered /world, where he was immediately attacked and killed by several PC fighters. Nonetheless, war had been declared, two Church of Francis bases had been griefed, and tensions had exploded.

PC 1.png PC 2.png

After hearing of the griefs and the declaration of war, Deez Nuts News (the most reliable news source) releases their first news show.

The War Begins

In response to the PC's war declaration, and the grief of two of their bases, the Church of Francis was quick to react. On December 11th, numerous Francillian troops ascended on New Obestein, a spawn base created by ostrich1414, pippenger, and DiGGing4Gold in April 2020. New Oberstein was utterly and relentlessly griefed, as seen in this video here: [1]. This came at a time when several PC forces were in /world, awaiting the arrival of COF troops that never came.

New Oberstein Grief 1.PNG

A day later, on December 12th, the mood had changed. Hours earlier, both PC and COF members had been in talks of hosting a staged, organized battle in /world, specifically between the hours of 9:00-11:00 a.m. EST (2:00-4:00 p.m. GMT). The terms of battle were agreed; yet once the time came, the COF failed to appear at the battlefield. Instead, the Church of Francis later began yet another grief: Tol Honeth, a 2018 fortress founded by JavelinFury and clipchip. Tol Honeth was also griefed severely, as seen in this video: [2].

Tol Honeth Grief.PNG COF Tol Honeth.png

Shortly after the grief of Tol Honeth, the first major Francillian deaths of the war would occur. After arriving at the main End island, xexc and TomixPlays were immediately bedbombed and killed by jake276493.

That night, after suffering two griefs against them in a row, the PC decided to grief yet another Francillian base. This time, they griefed Bitchport Base, a small spawn base built by a unknown player which was later annexed by COF and used as sacrifice to gain trust for one of COF's spies. The PC reduced it to a massive crater.

Pitchport 1.png Pitchport 2.png

The Fighting Begins

Three days into the war, the first real battle would take place. On December 13th, Francillians Lord1, xexc, and TomixPlays were on their way to grief New Brunoland and GS Base #1 and ostrich1414 caught on to what they were doing. Having knowledge of an alternative portal to the End, ostrich1414 guided the PC troops to this portal in the hopes that they could formulate a surprise attack; however, ostrich1414 was suddenly jumped by these three COF soldiers right outside the portal. After stalling for a few minutes, ostrich1414 was able to bring the other PC forces in as the war's first real battle occurred.

The battle was a mixed land and air fight, with both COF and PC forces utilizing elytra combat and end crystal pvp, both on land and in water. Several totems were popped on both sides, and ostrich1414 and AntHand later fled mid-flight to go secure the main End island in case of an escape. Meanwhile, the remaining PC forces held off the COF troops, when eventually the COF left and flew to their targets. However, this battle was seen as a draw, since there was no clear winner and troops on both sides fled and were popped.

End Portal 1.png

Footage of these griefs (and the previously mentioned battle) can be found here: [3].

After this, much of the day was spent in /world, where the People's Coalition attempted to hold it down. At one point, ostrich1414 was AFK when an invisible __Corleone_ snuck up to him, killing him within seconds. This would be the PC's first death. Shortly after this, Burger_Malone and seventwoworlds--both of whom had been neutral up until this point--were secured by the PC as members after being relentlessly attacked by invisible COF agents in /world.

In the latter half of the day, the PC became surprised when Lord1 engaged in two battles between himself and several PC soldiers. First, Lord1 met ostrich1414 in /world, where he was soon surrounded by other PC fighters, including willowienal, Nebuelaz, Ragdety, and later GentleGiant69 and Sellout9. Despite being severely outnumbered, Lord1 managed to hold his own and fight, even regearing and returning to the battle before dispersing altogether.

World Battle Lord 1.png World Battle Lord 2.png

Lord1's second battle on behalf of the COF would take place at Yittrium, this time in the form of a surprise ambush. While ReaganKindred was revisiting the ruins of Yittrium with ostrich1414 and AntHand, Lord1 suddenly attacked them on an alt account, successfully killing ReaganKindred and popping ostrich1414's totem. This resulted in AntHand and ostrich1414 fighting back, culminating in an hour-long fight between the two, much of which took place in the air and on the city's highrises. Lord1 eventually fled the battle after running low on resources. Footage of the battle can be found here: [4].

Yittrium Battle 1.png Yittrium Battle 2.png

War Wages On

After the release of the November 2020 Spawn Map, the People's Coalition utilizes it in an attempt to discover more Church of Francis bases within the spawn region. Gsmack eventually discovers the Reformed Bloc for Clans Spawn Base, a small base initially started by AntHand. However, the COF had left a behind some buildings at this base, with Gsmack discovering a Francillian flag on the map. When the PC moved in to grief it on December 14th, the destruction was met with heavy criticism unlike any other grief of the Imperial War thus far. Despite the RBC Spawn Base housing clear COF ties, the base was meant to serve as a neutral monument to server peace and support, and even AntHand himself disapproved of the grief.

RBC Grief 1.png RBC Grief 2.png RBC Grief 3.png

Things would cool down again until December 16th, when yet another skirmish occurred in /world, this time between several Francillians and PC members. Chikenbuster would end up killing MrDavid99 in the battle, while the rest of the warring soldiers carried on until all parties left /world. Footage of this battle can be found here: [5].

World December 16.png

Later that day, the COF would make their next move when they targeted McCapital, the former Shadow Mcmafia headquarters that had been previously targeted and raided during the Intervention War. AntHand, undercover, secretly followed the COF to the McCapital on their way to grief it, only to be discovered and eventually killed by a crystal. The COF resumed their destruction of the remaining parts of McCapital after this kill, which many PC members were confused by due to the belief that the base had already been griefed during the Intervention War, however this was not the case. Footage of the grief can be found here: [6].

McCapital Grief.PNG

Perhaps the largest and greatest battle of the war thus far would occur on December 17th, when numerous soldiers from both the COF and the PC entered /world to fight. For much of the battle, the sides were even-numbered for the first time (although the COF would soon be outnumbered towards the battle's end). This major battle was prompted after several Francillians entered /world to blockade Burger_Malone, who had entered it to perform a trade. After he logged out, several PC members came in to defend him and clear out /world, resulting in the largest battle of the Imperial War at that point. Despite the numerous totem pops and regearing, nobody from either side would be killed, and the battle ended when the last Francillian departed from /world after over an hour.

Major World Fight 1.png Major World Fight 2.png

Deez Nuts News Releases their second news episode on the 19th of December [[7]], and by this time the Church of Francis had already acquired coords to GFC, Quabbin & Axetown.

The Tides Turn

As the last few days of 2020 neared, the tactics and atmosphere of the Imperial War began to seriously shift, evolving into a war primarily characterized by griefing and raiding. On December 18th, the first annexation of the war would occur when Burger_Malone, Nebuelaz, ostrich1414, and AntHand raided and annexed the old Melon Boiz Inc.™ gold farm for the People's Coalition.

MBI Gold Farm 1.png MBI Gold Farm 2.png

Shortly after this, a minor controversy would occur when Yukarion changed /world's difficulty from "easy" to "hard", suddenly making crystal PvP a much more dangerous and viable option. This fact would be realized on December 20th when Lord1 managed to crystal and kill both Ragdety and ostrich1414 in a row.

Soon, the tides of war were changing, as the Francillians pushed harder against the PC. On December 23rd, the COF severely griefed Florestria, a 2019 base cofounded by ostrich1414 and ReaganKindred. The base was utterly destroyed, leaving behind very few physical remnants.

Florestria Grief Lord.PNG Florestria Griefed.png

A few days later, on December 27th, the COF targeted and griefed Goldforge Citadel, or GFC--this would soon become the first active megacity directly affected by the war. While the city was not as devastatingly "griefed" as other bases, like Florestria, much of the city's storage facilities and farms were, and the city's coordinates were unintenionally leaked as well. Due to the fact that GFC was an active base, several of its members were immediately rendered homeless, proving the true destruction of war.

Footage from both the Florestria grief and the GFC grief can be found here: [8]

GFC Grief 1.PNG GFC Grief 2.png

In retaliation, the PC immediately hit back by targeting and griefing Swaglabs, an underground 2019 base created by Lord1. The base was severely griefed and destroyed, leaving behind a rugged stone cavern.

Swaglabs Grief 1.png Swaglabs Grief 2.png

As the raiding and griefing progressed, the war was beginning to transition into a period of utter destruction and chaos. Of course, the occasional skirmish would continue to appear: on both December 27th and January 1st, 2021, respectively, two large battles occured (one in the End, one in /world) that were largely inconclusive, resulting in no kills and only totem pops.

The Breaking Point

On January 3rd, the last major grief for the next few weeks would occur when the Church of Francis targeted and struck Axetown, the former YMP headquarters. Although largely abandoned, Axetown was still somewhat in use by its members, and thus the grief of Axetown would be the second largest and second most active city to be griefed at this point in the war. Footage of the grief can be found here: [9]

Axetown Grief.png Axetown Grief Group Photo.PNG

Things would soon calm for the next few days, although the high tensions would still be present. On three occasions, the Church of Francis offered the People's Coalition peace; each time, the PC refused to accept. The war was beginning to appear to slow down as the PC appeared to approach inactivity amid the COF's two major griefs of GFC and Axetown, back-to-back.

Unfortunately, true tragedy would strike the PC when they took a major hit to their numbers: except for 4Pilot, all GS Trading Co. members officially left the PC after an incident where Sellout9 scammed ZedZeppelin in /world on January 8th. This came shortly after the PC had already seen both MoWobbler and Burger_Malone withdraw from the war effort as well. However, in the background, the PC was planning something that would change the face of the war.

On January 11th, 2021, the People's Coalition would launch a surprise invasion on Three Words, Lord1 and Tenced's main city. Instead of outright griefing it, the PC raided the base and then proceeded to annex it, claiming it as PC-occupied territory. The move shocked Lord1, but the PC insisted it was in retribution for the GFC. Footage of the raid can be found at these two links: [10] [11]

Three Words Raid 1.png Three Words Raid 2.png

Two days later, on January 13th, Lord1 was caught creating lavacasts in the middle of Three Words' city center. This enraged the PC, who had set a mandate that the city was to be protected from any griefing or harm to its premises. AntHand and Sellout9 arrived at the city and began to attack Lord1, who was ill-equipped to fight. A short skirmish occurred in the city as both sides of the fight argued their case; ostrich1414, who was against the griefing of Three Words but wanted to promote the armistice established by the COF after Three Words was raided, arrived at the city to mediate, pushing for the two PC soldiers to keep Lord1 alive.

Three Words Ambush 1.png Three Words Ambush 2.png

An agreement was struck when Lord1 insisted that he would partake in protecting Three Words and not grief it, in return for Sellout9 and AntHand keeping him alive; however, shortly after this agreement, he fled from their clutches and evaded them, logging out of the game. The PC then proceeded to clean up the lavacasts that Lord1 had created, repairing the damage caused. Nevertheless, the armistice was now called into question; furthermore, the PC higher-ups were divided between Sellout9 and AntHand who wanted to demolish the COF, versus ostrich1414 who merely wanted the COF to reform but stay alive.

Three Words Cleanup.png

Final Days

After the Three Words raid, the PC and COF entered a short period of tense uncertainty. It was clear that both sides had begun to become fed up with the war, but neither was willing to give up just yet. Things were only growing more drastic within the PC, with differing ideologies driving members to quarrel on what path they should take regarding their actions. Eventually, the PC would lose yet another major party: after being accused of espionage for the COF, all YMP members were forcibly removed from the PC. This soured relations between current PC members and YMP, who felt that they were wrongfully convicted.

On January 18th, 2021, the final raid of the war would occur when the People's Coalition targeted and raided Pepe's Holy Land, a base inhabited by Francillians including MrMeeps and TomixPlayz. While this raid would not be as drastic as the Three Words raid, it nevertheless cemented the PC's goal to weaken the COF.

Pepe's Holy Land Raid.png

The final "battle" and death would also occur a few days later, on January 21st in /world, when CrackyJoe was killed by Sellout9. This came after Sellout9 and AntHand entered the /world, engaging in a tense standoff with CrackyJoe and jake276493; CrackyJoe was eventually slain.

Peace is Achieved and the War Ends

Following CrackyJoe's death, the People's Coalition and Church of Francis would engage in almost a week-long series of peace talks, negotiations, term adjustments, and armistice placements. It was clear that both sides were ready to wrap up the war--but neither wanted to give in unless their terms of peace were met. One point of contention for the Church of Francis was that they had asked for peace three times prior, and each time was rejected by the PC--only now were they finally giving in. Despite this, these peace talks continued on for days on end, primarily between AntHand, ostrich1414, Lord1, and CrackyJoe.

On January 27th, the negotiations would finally come to an end as all parties came to a mutual agreement, and on January 28th, 2021, the war would officially be over. The People's Coalition and the Church of Francis officially agreed to end all hostilities and enter a state of mutual peace, ensuring that neither side was the "winner" or "loser" of the war. With the Imperial War at its conclusion, a peace conference was held at Gibraltar Castle, a symbol of respect regarding the fallen bases and griefs of the war.

AntHand, Sellout9, and ostrich1414 arrived to represent the PC, while Lord1, xexc, CrackyJoe, and Tenced represented the COF. After signing several peace treaties and cementing their peace, the Imperial War was officially over and both parties ended their hostilities.

Imperial War Peace 1.png Imperial War Peace 2.png

Battles and Skirmishes

Below is a simple list of each battle and skirmish that has taken place in the Imperial War. Due to the high amount of small-scale, low-risk skirmishes that occur around spawn and the PvP world, this list will only contain the locations, the dates, and the results (NOTE: A more in-depth look at battles will be in the "History" section):

  • December 13th, 2020:
    • Location: Spawn
    • Results: Inconclusive
  • December 13th, 2020:
    • Location: /world
    • Results: ostrich1414 is killed by __Corleone_
  • December 13th, 2020:
    • Location: /world
    • Results: Lord1 flees from a 1v5
  • December 16th, 2020:
    • Location: /world
    • Results: MrDavid99 is killed by chikenbuster
  • December 16th, 2020:
    • Location: McCapital
    • Results: AntHand is killed by Lord1
  • December 17th, 2020:
    • Location: /world
    • Results: Inconclusive
  • December 20th, 2020:
    • Location: /world
    • Results: Ragdety & ostrich1414 are killed by Lord1
  • December 27th, 2020:
    • Location: End
    • Results: Inconclusive
  • January 1st, 2021
    • Location: /world
    • Results: Inconclusive
  • January 13th, 2021:

Griefs and Raids

Below is a list of all the bases griefed and/or raided during the Imperial War. This list contains the name of the base, who griefed/raided it, and when:

  • Base: Lakeside Lodge
    • Griefers: People's Coalition
    • Date: December 10th, 2020
  • Base: Gibraltar Castle
    • Griefers: People's Coalition
    • Date: December 10th, 2020
  • Base: New Oberstein
    • Griefers: Church of Francis
    • Date: December 11th, 2020
  • Base: Tol Honeth
    • Griefers: Church of Francis
    • Date: December 12th, 2020
  • Base: Bitchport *dud base*
    • Griefers: People's Coalition
    • Date: December 12th, 2020
  • Base: New Brunoland
    • Griefers: Church of Francis
    • Date: December 13th, 2020
  • Base: GS Base #1
    • Griefers: Church of Francis
    • Date: December 13th, 2020
  • Base: RBC Spawn Base
    • Griefers: People's Coalition
    • Date: December 14th, 2020
  • Base: McCapital
    • Griefers: Church of Francis
    • Date: December 16th, 2020
  • Base: MBI Gold Farm
    • Raiders: People's Coalition
    • Date: December 18th, 2020
  • Base: Florestria
    • Griefers: Church of Francis
    • Date: December 23rd, 2020
  • Base: Swaglabs
    • Griefers: People's Coalition
    • Date: December 27th, 2020
  • Base: Axetown
    • Griefers: Church of Francis
    • Date: January 3rd, 2021
  • Base: Three Words
    • Raiders: People's Coalition
    • Date: January 11th, 2021