Spanish Inquisition

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Spanish Inquisition
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Name: Spanish Inquisition

Status: Active

Formed: 05/05/2020

Coords: No lol
Members: 14
Bases: Bélgica, Hispania, Albacete, Exilio I, 4am, Ciudad

VIVA ESPAÑA [Spanish Inquisition Trailer]

The Spanish Inquisition is a base made up of Spanish-speaking players. Co founded by MrDavid99, chipinazo, PowerXInfinito, Diakhaba and Nikoxlas. There are no leaders neither higher ranks than others. The group was originally created to escape spawn during the events of the 2nd Hispanic Panic, but was eventually established as an official clan.


The Inquisition, was formed as an official clan after the events of the 2nd Hispanic Panic. The first players to join were MrDavid99, Diakhaba and chipinazo. After all finally meeting in a provisional base (located at approximately 23k) it was decided to establish the alliance as a clan. Behind them came members like PowerXInfinito or Nikoxlas, and together the first inquisitor base was established. After the Church of Francis raid to the base, the Spanish had to regroup and find a safer place to be able to carry out farms and buildings. This is how Belgium was born, a base located much further away than the previous one and where they were finally able to coexist without problems. During the events of The Imperial War, seeing that many bases were being leaked, the Inquisitors decided to move their base to an even safer one, just in case. This is how Hispania was born. They used to live there until TheOnlySlash and Korijenkins seemed to have their cords, so they had to travel again to Ciudad, the current base of the Spanish Inquisition.



These are the 4 ranks of the Spanish Inquisition, with their corresponding members:


  • MrDavid99
  • PowerXInfinito
  • Diakhaba
  • Chipinazo
  • Nikoxlas

Veteran Inquisitor

Inquisitor Initiate