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Status: Active
First joined: 16th February 2019

Clans: Fellowship of the Kittens
Bases: Kittenspear, Turtle Beach, Aurum,Syracusai, HamerHall


MrMeeps first joined in the middle of February 2019 alongside with Bacon_15 and Tenced, They continued to starve when they tried to escape the grips of spawns famine but the fact that they had past anarchy experience in more unforgiving spawns allowed them to not starve from food, therefore MrMeeps managed to survive without ever having to re-spawn in spawn, although his less experienced friends died numerous times to mobs. Eventually they sustained themselves with food from the ruins of a huge cobblestone castle with farms on their journey.(Only having to make 1 little shack, in which they gathered the resources needed to venture in the nether and travel far away building functional bases.

Base Friends

MrMeeps started off with 2 irl friends playing with him immediately (Bacon_15 and Tenced) but would soon be joined by FreshBananaTV (Known as Omar the Turtle Man, another irl friend, who would soon be jailed) and Lord1, who would get to know MrMeeps after accepting a pvp request and discord chat. Later on MrMeeps joined forces in a base project with nddragoon and AtacFauxpas. Many odd things have happened, MrMeeps is now a refugee and may abandon acouple of his friends to focus on an underground corporation and get Clip a proper Gf.


After having caused numerous deaths, MrMeeps has been exiled for almost a month from all of his FOK bases. As of 2019/04/30 MrMeeps has returned after creating a solo base and advancing further away from sapwn.

The Fellowship of the Kittens

MrMeeps founds with multiple trust worthy friends, the Fellowship of the Kittens. Now building multiple bases and hostile with the Fellowship...

Also formed FAF: Fuck All Fellowships for the meme.

Creation of Kitten's Creed

Burp, not prepared yet, and confidential.


1TheOnlySlash 2 kori... idk the guy just seems like he sucks man ass