Castle Snowfrog

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Castle Snowfrog
Name: Castle Snowfrog

Status: Severely Greifed, Undergoing reconstruction

Formed: 2011

Coords: 0, -3.3k

Castle Snowfrog is a massive castle complex founded by snowfrog43. It is relatively close to Spawn, and one of the most frequently visited destinations for new players. It is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) continuously-maintained bases on the server, having originally been started sometime in late 2011. Castle Snowfrog is also thought to be one of the largest and most dense bases on SimPvP as a whole, as many new buildings and structures have been added within its confines over the years by various players.

On February 28th, the player The_Lucky_Lapin Severely Griefed the castle. He lived beside the nether portal for some time with the recourses he gathered from his previous raid on Glowstone Tower. He then proceeded to lavacast, and cobble monster the base until it was unrecognizable. This feat took a measly 4 hours with 4 Y=256 Lavacasts. On March 15th, the lava was removed by Korijenkins in an effort to restore passage through Snowfrog on the eastern spawn road.

Castle Snowfrog.png CastleSnowfrogGreif.png