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Name: Syracusai

Status: Griefed

Formed: March 2019
Abandoned: May 2019

Members: MrMeeps, Lord1, Bacon_15, haileymc2000, AtacFauxpas, nddragoon, Tenced, Alankor_MrFungi

Syracusai is a base formed on March 17th, 2019 by the players MrMeeps and Lord1. Being the third base built by the Fellowship of the Kittens, it served as a large hub where members could build whatever they wanted.


In early March, 2019, the players MrMeeps and Lord1 settled on a bay situated between a taiga biome and a forest biome that would serve as Syracusai's location. A small castle was constructed, and the two founders of the base sought out new players to invite to the base. Among these players included Bacon_15, haileymc2000, AtacFauxpas, nddragoon, and Tenced. Upon the arrival of these individuals, Syracusai went through a phase of rapid growth, quickly becoming the FOK's primary base. Each member of the base contributed to the base, turning what was once a small, desolate outpost into a sprawling metropolis that had districts utilizing a unique architectural style.

The Beef Gristle Mill™

The Beef Gristle Mill™ is a world-renown restaurant that is located within Syracusai, Known for it's cozy atmosphere, well-made steaks, and overall luxurious dining experience. Sadly, the Beef Gristle Mill™ is now permanently closed.



Syracusai's coordinates were leaked along with several other bases the Fellowship of the Kittens inhabited by the hacker Kojed.