New Beginnings

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New Beginnings
Name: New Beginnings

Status: Inactive, Griefed

Formed: 2016

Members: clipchip, JavelinFury, Z33VN, Mr. Hole Digger, Fluz43, ostrich1414

New Beginnings was a small base founded by clipchip and JavelinFury sometime in late 2016. Located in a desert biome very close to Spawn, New Beginnings consisted of a small entrance castle, various farmland, and a larger castle in the ocean nearby, known as Scuffle's Wee Island Castle. New Beginnings was essentially created as a small base to help prepare noobs and other new players near spawn for the server and its many challenges.

Many players have lived at or been to New Beginnings, for various reasons; on the day ostrich1414 returned to the server in January 2017, after a year-and-a-half long hiatus, JavelinFury brought him to the base, where he settled and lived for approximately three or four days before leaving once more. Fluz43 had also established himself as a member of New Begnnings, despite spending very little time there. Mr. Hole Digger, also a member, spent time at New Beginnings, where he formed a close relationship with Z33VN, another player who spent a large part of time at New Beginnings.

Though New Beginnings was quickly left behind by many of these players, Z33VN was the last to go when he eventually joined ostrich1414 in his construction of the City of Quinsigamond in late January 2017. During the time New Beginnings was abandoned, sometime in 2017, it was severely raided and griefed, and much of the base as it once stood is now destroyed. Though nobody knows for sure who griefed it, some speculate AForceThree as the mastermind behind the attack, but he has continuously denied these claims.

Here are some pictures of New Beginnings, both before and after being griefed: