Novus Castle

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Novus Castle
Name: Novus Castle

Status: Griefed and Abandoned

Formed: January 27th, 2019

Coords: x: 139 z: -417
Members: cmlove

Novus Castle was a large castle built by cmlove on January 27th, 2019. Located within close proximity to Spawn, Novus Castle was constructed very shortly after cmlove first joined the server. The castle's position along the main obsidian roads through spawn allowed new players to easily access it for food, shelter, tools, and other miscellaneous items that may had been of need to them in order to get properly started. The castle essentially functioned as a "hotel" of sorts, housing any passersby who may need a place to stay.

The castle itself featured dozens of furnished rooms with beds, chests, crafting tables, and other items. There was also nether portal access, public farms, a kitchen area and an observation tower. Cmlove regularly maintained and furnished the base, assisting any newcomers who approached it.

Due to Novus Castle's close proximity to spawn, there have been various accounts of raids and minor griefing incidents; in the month of February alone, there had been four major battles fought at the castle. Although the first two were minor in nature, Novus Castle was eventually attacked by a group known as YeeterMyPeeter who severely griefed and raided the base until it became unrecognizable. Although these attackers were fought off by cmlove and her allies, they would eventually succeed in destroying it, forcing cmlove to abandon the project and move on. The first raid by #TeamYMP on February 16th, 2019 has since become infamous, known today as the Raid of Novus Castle.


Here are pictures of Novus Castle prior to its grief/raid:

NovusCastle1.png NovusCastle2.png NovusCastle3.png NovusCastle4.png NovusCastle5.png NovusCastle6.png