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Name: YeeterMyPeeter
Alts: #TeamYMP, YMP
Status: Active

Formed: February 16th-17th 2019
Abandoned: May 4, 2019

Members: BossCoww, Jake276493, Dougmaster, e_lee, Autisticbot, Lord1
Bases: EGGTOWN, DunceVille

YeeterMyPeeter, #TeamYMP or YMP are a group of friends who play the game together, once with the only goal of griefing everything they find, they are now much more neutral, and will grief only if necessary. They have created multiple bases now, the most notable EGGTOWN (now abandoned) was there main base for over a month and was where YMP had created a tower for eggs with over 1300 chickens which sometimes got the server down to as low as 6 tps. There new town DunceVille see's some new players added and the loss of Lapin and Wisenty. The group is very active for the time being.

The Horde Arrives

On February 16th, 2019, a group of players joined the server and banded together under a banner of destruction. They launched a series of attacks on cmlove's spawn build Novus Castle. There, they were opposed by a counterattack led by a large coalition of reinforcements called in by cmlove including clipchip, ostrich1414, b9b9, CrackyJoe, jaffdhi, 8cream8machine8 and many others. During the ensuing battle several defenders were killed, granting the new players access to fully maxxed-out diamond gear and weapons.

The following day, a final attack was launched on the castle, and with little-to-no resistance remaining, the Castle was abandoned and successfully lavacasted by YMP, fully destroying it.

Later that same day, the team attacked Fort Cranberry, which had already faced a hostile takeover earlier that year, hoping to achieve a similar result. They were able to cause severe damage to the Fort before clipchip arrived and easily slaughtered them.

On the 18th, YMP discovered and completely destroyed the public castle of Tamarisk with no resistance.

On the 19th, YMP discovered the portal to Quinsigamond and began to greif it, although halfway through Fluz43 arrived invisible and was murdered by YMP. Soon after, clipchip and JavelinFury came and attempted to kill YMP; it was a long battle, and overall clipchip and JavelinFury won the battle, but YMP could now own the title of killing clipchip, slaughtering him after his computer crashed.

After the battle, one of YMP's members, PhamtomGuy, was banned for using x-ray; he subsequently logged on two more times with two more alts, both of which were banned. Angry at this, PhamtomGuy turned on YMP and claimed that their leader tupik had been cheating and benefitting off of his x-raying. This led tupik to be banned as well, although internally YMP was furious. What resulted was a week-long investigation into tupik's jailing, which mainly focused on his relationship with the banned account jake276493, which after all of YMP faking facts to make jake276493(tupik) seem innocent, he was unbanned, but jake276493 didnt want to be fake anymore and decided to tell the truth, and somehow wasn't banned permanently.

On the 20th, YMP discovered the End portal and decided to bedbomb anyone who came. After tupik sending clipchip some loli porn, he managed to persuade clipchip come to the End 0,0 in where 00123, tupik, and Bosscoww managed to get their second kill on clipchip via suicide bombing.

On the 22, YMP was quite calm on terms of griefs, only partially griefing Castle Snowfrog. However, they manged to bedbomb clipchip again, this time in the nether. They also managed to pop the Totems of Undying off PeanutSniper and also managed to murder JaveilnFury with only iron armor. They also recruited TheOnlySlash into YMP.

Over the next few weeks, one of YMP's members The_Lucky_Lapin went on a griefing campaign, severely destroying Glowstone Tower, Snowfrog castle and Quinsigamond.

The Groups Settles In

Weeks after the YMP hype died down, YMP started joining back and this time not as hungry for power but to start building a new base, this would be later known as EGGTOWN, it only contained 3 people, being jake276493, BossCoww, and Autisticbot. And after building at this town for a couple weeks, they decided to invite the rest of YMP into the base, including Wisenty, who after coming, did something that made the rest of YMP very mad and they decided to kick him from the group, after he was kicked he was threatening to leak the coords so everything was packed up and they retreated to DunceVille (YMP's current base) where they are today.

YMP Dies

On May 4th, right after the Yukarion leaks YMP's main base, DunceVille, the group decided to finally abandon the YMP name due to its very poor rep. They have picked up the new name Wideon, and are a neutral group.


During late may, july time, YMP started up again after the fall of the Empire of Odin. YMP took on Lord1 because of the experience when apart of the Empire of Odin aswell.

When jake276493 was banned for his minimap and #EggGang was given to Lord1, Lord1 drafted plans for a YMP Crusade to bring glory to YMP's name again and followed through with them with the help of DougMaster and AustisticBot after they caught wind of a project called The Siege.

List of destroyed bases


Here are some pictures of the griefs caused by #TeamYMP:

NovusCastleGrief.png ForCranGrief.png TamariskGrief.png UiniaGreif.png DowntownGreif.png CastleSnowfrogGreif.png QuinsiGriefYMP1.png