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Name: Shakatak

Status: Active

Formed: 18/June/2020

Shakatak is a clan founded by Burger_Malone in June 2020. It is currently formed of Burger_Malone, tagoo, James8B, Haggiszu, and EurosNotos.


The clan's first and current base, Shakatak Mycelia, began as Burger_Malone's solo build. It was founded in a mushroom biome to provide the ideal building environment, with luscious grass and no hostile mobs. Except phantoms.


Culling of the Mooshrooms

Before progress could continue, Burger_Malone saw fit to systematically exterminate the island's mooshrooms. Meanwhile, the base would be populated by beautiful purple sheep; a statue was later built to immortalise any unfortunate sheep fatalities.


Recruiting builders

Building alone got boring, so tagoo, James8B, and Haggiszu were brought to the base to help. Work is currently focused on the residential district and various farms.


ostrich1414 joins

In light of the #BLM protests, ostrich1414 was recruited to join Shakatak (although he would unfortunately depart on October 23rd, 2020 to focus on personal autonomy).


Imprisoning dumb fat golem

Burger_Malone found this golem and was immediately overcome with how fucking ugly and fat and stupid it is. They were imprisoned in the centre of the market district so residents could mock it and throw snowballs at it. This ugly idiot is universally hated by everyone, and for good reason.


Founding Shakatak Subterranea

In August 2020, a second Shakatak base was created. seventwoworlds and Qyburn_ were invited to help build. Subterranea aims to be a massive, fully underground complex.

The Great Horse Heist of 2020

James8B discovered a stash of 20 old skeleton horses with extremely high health, and they were soon brought to Shakatak Mycelia. Each of the pictured skeleton horses have 25-30 hearts of health, which is no longer possible for newly-generated horses. They are all named Beyoncé.



In late 2020, Burger_Malone began work on a large 8x6 map art logo for Shakatak, completing it a few weeks later.


This is the largest map art on SimPVP so far.


An overview of most of Shakatak Mycelia
Gunpowder farm
SimPVP's biggest and best (and only) cat farm
Honey farm
Pumpkin farm
Villager breeder
Inside the residential area