Strawman's Endermen Grinder

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Strawman's Endermen Grinder
Name: Strawman's Endermen Grinder

Status: Broken and Inactive

Formed: July 2012

Members: MisterStrawman

Strawman's Endermen Grinder was a mob farm built by MisterStrawman sometime in July 2012. Located in the End, the endermen grinder functioned as a crucial source for ender pearls and experience points; however, this particular endermen grinder is a rebuild, with the first iteration having been griefed. Currently, Strawman's Endermen Grinder is inactive and broken due to modern Minecraft mechanics, but is still frequently visited by players who happen to stumble upon it, leaving behind a plethora of signs spanning across several years.


In July 2012, MisterStrawan created this endermen grinder, the second endermen grinder on SimPvP at that point. The first, which had also been built by him, was griefed by a player named rdnxl; this prompted MisterStrawman to create a new one, which soon became faster and more efficient. In fact, this endermen grinder became the fastest source of ender pearls and xp on the server at this time.

Eventually, other players such as DakkaDok, DeflowVesper, Infam0us2, IMMERONE and Skaterhan1 discovered the grinder. This would lead to the formation of Valhalla, a base which these players, including MisterStrawman, all collaborated on together.

As time went on, MisterStrawman's personal use and visitation of the grinder severely dwindled; however, it continued to be regularly maintained by Capnruch and oO0Some_Guy0Oo. Eventually, the grinder stopped working all together, mainly due to the rapidly changing mechanics of modern Minecraft. Today, the endermen grinder is fully nonfunctional, standing only as a reminder of its former glory.

Strawman's Endermen Grinder has welcomed dozens of visitors over the years since its was created, with several signs dotting the interior. While the grinder itself may be out of order, it still serves as a spot for food, such as carrots and potatoes, for anyone who may come across it. The grinder has since become a historical site: a reminder of the beginning of the End and its colonization on SimPvP.


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