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Ingame name: Capnruch
Alts: Wolfbitten, SpenPen
Status: Trying to remeber his Minecraft password...
First joined: January 2012

Location: Lost In Space

The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

In The Beginning

Out of all the surrounding accounts you may know me by, this was the first. Before this server, my Minecraft experience consisted primarily of playing in single player, getting bored, activating creative mode, getting bored, closing the game, going outside, living my best life.

It took me about two real human nights to figure out that if I downed enough rotten flesh and avoided spawn-rats, holes, lava, creepers, seedy homeless people, communistic ideals, the urge to start a small farm in the country with my wife, and the hurtful remarks of fellow players, I could get far enough out to make a name for myself.

Very First Base: A Small House On A 20x20 Manmade Island A Few Thousand Blocks To The North

Other Base Affiliations