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Name: Swaglabs

Status: Active

Formed: 13th June, 2019

Members: Lord1

Swaglabs is Lord1's latest solo base and is focused on selling and distributing goods to the server. Based completely underground, most of Swaglabs is redstone controlled, including the lights and doors.

Products and Prices

Enchantment Books

6 Diamonds per 1 mending book


20 Emeralds and 3 diamonds

5 Diamonds per silk touch book

3 Diamonds per flame book

3 Diamonds per thorns II book

4 Diamonds per sharpness III book

6 Diamonds per sharpness IV book

6 Diamonds per unbreaking III book


1 Diamonds per 3 invisibility potions (8 Mins)

1 Diamond per 6 strength II potions (1:30)

(request order value varies)

Armour, Weapons and Tools

7 Diamonds blocks for a protection IV - unbreaking III set

2 Diamonds blocks for a sharpness V - fire aspect II - unbreaking III sword

3 Diamonds blocks for a efficiency V - mending - unbreaking III pickaxe


1 Diamonds per 4 stacks of stone

1 Diamonds per 6 stacks of cobblestone

1 Diamonds per 2 stacks of quartz

5 Diamonds blocks per 1 stack of slime blocks

2 DB's per stack of slime blocks

1 Diamonds per stack of wool