The Monolith

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The Monolith
Name: The Monolith

Status: Abandoned

Formed: March 7th, 2019
Abandoned: March 19th, 2019

Members: nddragoon, AtacFauxpas

The Monolith is a base formed on March 6th, 2019 by nddragoon, named after the truncated, rectangle-shaped lavacast in the center of it. It is surrounded by several kinds of farms floating on the ocean.


On March 6th, after nddragoon left an unnamed base where he was living with AaronRC93 and AtacFauxpas to build a base for him and Atac to live in. He traveled through the nether until finding a random spot, and made a lavacast on an inclined netherrack platform to make it look as a truncated rectangle and called it "The Monolith".

He set up the basics inside the structure and started building essential farms on wooden platforms on the ocean around it, and invited AtacFauxpas, who joined the base and made a nice little tropical bungalow on March 7th.

The base lasted for over a week, during which nddragoon and AtacFauxpas built many other farms around the Monolith, as well as a villager breeder and dug down 2 chunks to make a slime farm, which never happened due to a lack of iron. The Map art titled "Seize the Means of Crafting" was also built next to The Monolith throughout 3 days of really fucking tedious work.

On March 19th, nddragoon made a 200000 IQ move and accidentally leaked the exact coords of the base in chat, and they both abandoned it before anyone could arrive.

Map of The Monolith