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Ingame name: nddragoon
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: March 1st, 2019

Location: Mexico

Clans: Fellowship of the Kittens
Bases: AaronRC93's Castle, The Monolith, Syracusai, Hammerhall, Passacaglia

nddragoon is a player on SimPvP who joined on March 1st, 2019.


After 8bit8pix, a server where iwarriiori, Darktyui, AtacFauxpas (a close ally of his), and him, collapsed in late 2018, he took a few month break from minecraft, after which he found SimPvP and joined on March 1st 2019. He struggled to leave spawn, dying several times over his first 2 days in the server, until he found out that AtacFauxpas had been a regular on SimPvP since December of 2018. AtacFauxpas invited nddragoon to AaronRC93's Castle where he lived, and he arrived.

He and Atac lived there for a few days until they decided they wanted to be more independent (as Aaron held a lot more control over the base than them) and he left off to build The Monolith.

The new base came along incredibly smoothly despite only being about 40k away from 0,0, until MrMeeps messaged nddragoon inviting him and Atac to join the Fellowship of the Kittens. nddragoon wanted to help out FOK by letting other members use The Monolith as a base, but accidentally leaked the exact coords in public chat instead of PMing them to MrMeeps. They proceeded to flee the base immediately, heading to Syracusai to join FOK for good.