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In-game name: AtacFauxpas
Alts: kojed
Status: Semi-active
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First joined: December 19th, 2018
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Clans: Fellowship of the Kittens (Former), The First Siege (Former), Brick Brotherhood
Bases: Ishtar, AaronRC93's Castle, Kittenspear, Aurum, Syracusai, Hammerhall, Passacaglia, New Ishtar, Eros
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AtacFauxpas is a player who joined SimplicityPVP in late 2018.


Prehistory and The Days of Old

During the summer of 2018, Atac spent most of his time playing a 2b2t clone named 8bit8pix. The server was heavily focused on clan-based warfare, with the world border only being 40k out to encourage more skirmishes between players, which mirrors the earliest days of SimPVP itself. Atac met his ally Nddragoon here and they both founded a clan. They fought in a multi-sided war between two other clans, which culminated in the destruction of the server itself.

By fall, the server had shut down. Despite the server only lasting about three months, Atac grew to appreciate playing on such servers and immediately went to look for a new server to move to.

Beginnings and Ishtar

Looking through a list of servers with the 'Anarchy' filter on, Atac came across a server named 'SimplicityPVP'. Tired and irritated already, he joined the server. His first impressions were not great, but his discovery and eventual infatuation with the wiki and the server's history made him decide to join the server. He moseyed around the spawn area for a while, visiting year-old bases and appreciating all the history they had to offer.

Atac decided that it was time to cement his place onto the server, no matter how insignificant, and set out to a new base which would be named Ishtar. On January 3rd, 2019 the base was officially created, and Atac went straight back to spawn to begin recruiting any players he saw to help out with the base. He found max678, his friend EinMensch, as well as AaronRC93 and invited them all to his base.

In February, Atac met Talksalot011 at spawn. In spite of his history of recruiting new players, Atac instead tried to coerce talks into giving Ishtar a tax for it's 'protection'. Talksalot being talksalot refused this, which led to Atac killing him and griefing his spawn base. In order to prevent talksalot from recuperating, Atac hired ShadyB0B to track down and kill him wherever he may be. ShadyB0B accomplished this, but only by killing talks in the PVP world, which Atac didn't count as legitimate. After an argument, Atac refused to pay ShadyB0B until he killed talks outside of the PVP world. Betrayed, Shady went on to grief Ishtar's ship, which led to the abandonment of the base altogether.

Burning of Ishtar's ship

The Fellowship of The Kittens and Aftermath

Disheartened by the loss of Ishtar, Atac ventured to AaronRC93's Castle. He accomplished nothing remarkable during his stay here, and only occasionally logged onto the server during this period. This changed when in March, Atac saw Nddragoon in the server's player list. The two rejoiced in their reunification, and Atac invited Nddragoon to Aaron's Castle. The duo went on to form The Monolith together.

Nddragoon was invited to the Fellowship of the Kittens by MrMeeps, and they both went on to join Syracusai. The clan was in the midst of the War of the Fellowships, which Atac seldom involved himself in, opting instead to spend most of his time building at Syracusai and Hammerhall. As time went on, Atac noticed that most of his clan members were either too busy fighting or were inactive to continue developing the base. In a mix of boredom and dissapointment, he decided to travel to Hammerhall on his alt, kojed. Lord1 trembled and begged under the presence of kojed, but it was in vain, and kojed stole the base's beacon. Kojed agreed with Lord1 to not leak the coords of the base, but all of the bases were soon abandoned anyways.

After the FOK, Atac lived with nddragoon at a large unnamed quarry base until he eventually joined The First Siege. He got to meet and work with some of his clan's former enemies, including TheOnlySlash and Korijenkins. By late summer of 2019, the siege died down, and Atac's activity on the server went to a minimum. He spent most of his time during this period as a vagrant, visiting his old base Ishtar and many other areas and reminiscing about the past. He started only two bases during this time, the first one being a solo base, and the second being a disaster. Atac naively desired to build a base which could unify both Lord1 and TheOnlySlash, and invited both of them. Upon learning that Lord1 also resided at the base, Slash destroyed the base.

When Slash learned of Lord1's presence, he razed Atac's base.

This seemed to be the end of the road for Atac. He had lost all of his bases, he had no allies which he could base with, and he even lost access to his main account AtacFauxpas. Whenever he decided to log in, he could only do it through kojed, which was just a worst version of his main account because kojed was stuck at spawn. For almost two years he was forced to go on hiatus, logging onto the server only to wander spawn and to spout deranged nonsense into the chat.


In March of 2022, he regained access to his main account AtacFauxpas. He logged onto that account for the first time in almost two years, and was greeted with the site of his old solo base, still intact. With a renewed interest in the server, his salient goal is to improve and industrialize his bases, without allegiance to any of the server's clans.


Below is a list of all names AtacFauxpas has gone under: