The Republic of Voynistan

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The Republic of Voynistan
Name: The Republic of Voynistan

Status: Inactive

Formed: March 29th, 2019

Members: ostrich1414, the Voynistanian People

The Republic of Voynistan was an independent island nation located off the coast of the much larger city-state Struthio. Founded on March 29th, 2019, the Republic of Voynistan gained its independence from Struthio that same day, becoming a sovereign nation with complete autonomy and self-sufficiency.

The Republic of Voynistan was a unitary one-party state, often regarded as a very "oppressive" and "hostile" country by its neighbor, Struthio. In fact, shortly after its independence, the Republic of Voynistan was placed under much international scrutiny when the nation was believed to be holding nuclear missiles too close to Struthio's coast.

The only way one may access the Republic of Voynistan is through their connection to Struthio via the National Bridge of the Republic of Voynistan, which is heavily guarded by their border patrol. One must have a visa, passport, or any other form of identification to enter; failure to comply may result in criminal charges. This was the case with jaffdhi, who illegally entered the country without a visa. He is currently banned from entering the Republic of Voynistan, and is being actively pursued by the government for prosecution.

The National Constitution of the Republic of Voynistan

Shortly after its independence on March 29th, 2019, the Republic of Voynistan released their constitution; below is a simplified version of their constitution and its articles and objectives.

The Four Articles:

  • Article I: The freedom of the people to express themselves through speech, writing and other forms of communication may be limited or monitored at the command of the Republic.
  • Article II: The Republic of Voynistan and her citizens must command their lives through the lens of Voynistanian pride: their culture and its goals must be at the forefront of every and all activities.
  • Article III: The Republic of Voynistan, under its glorious Prime Minister, may command complete control of its domain to ensure the safety and prosperity of its people and its culture.
  • Article IV: The presence of imperialism and foreign cultures and identities are to be eradicated from the Republic and her shores, should they oppose the general goals of the Republic.

The Goal of the Republic: "To ensure dominance of, promote the culture of, and retain the sovereignty of the glorious Republic of Voynistan."

Invasion and Collapse

After Struthio was abandoned by its members in May 2019, the Republic of Voynistan continued to thrive, even going as far as to annex Struthio's now-desolate cityscape. Unfortunately, on June 3rd, Struthio was griefed by a player named jared2013; this prompted him to subsequently invade the Republic of Voynistan's borders and confiscate the nation's many precious documents. This invasion caused irreparable damage to the Republic of Voynistan, forcing the nation to collapse as its oppressed citizens were finally free, escaping by boat into the Camelus Sea.


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