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Ingame name: jaffdhi
Status: Semi-Active
First joined: May 26th, 2018

Bases: Struthio, Segoria

Jaffdhi is a player who joined the server on May 26th, 2018. Closely allied with Sengorn_Leopard on another server, NoCoords, the two joined the City of Struthio with the assistance of ostrich1414 and Porkington. While there, jaffdhi has worked on many projects, including two map art projects and various farms. Aside from Struthio, jaffdhi has also temporarily lived at Quinsigamond.

After Struthio was abandoned in May 2019, jaffdhi would join many of the former members at a new city, Segoria. Though he has been less active at Segoria, jaffdhi still plans to contribute at some point...he's just kinda lazy right now :/

Jaffdhi is well-known to engage in various 1v1 battles in the PvP world, many of which have stemmed from an ongoing "rivalry" with clipchip. Jaffdhi is also responsible for killing Antzakes1 several times in /world, a feat accomplished by very few people. His often victorious battles with clipchip and Antzakes1 have made him a worthy PvP opponent in the game.

Fun Fact: Jaffdhi has recommended the same hip-hop album to ostrich1414 for months on end; ostrich1414 still has yet to listen to it.