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Tjestrypa (former), Retardia
Name: Tjestrypa (former), Retardia

Status: Inactive

Formed: December 7th, 2019
Abandoned: Feburay - March 2020

Members: NeutralistNoodle (Former), JohnzyFetusboy (former), JustRez (former), tinsz, TastyCarrots (former), DiGGing4Gold (former)
Clans: Men Hyogi-kai (former)

Tjestrypa AKA Retardia is the headquarters of the Men Hyogi-kai. It was founded on December 7th, 2019. Initially, the base was founded by NeutralistNoodle alone, but soon many other members of the Men Hyogi-kai joined the base. JohnzyFetusboy and JustRez were the first two.

Men Hyogi-kai2.png


After Zymarikopoli was compromised the Men Hyogi-kai were forced to abandon it. NeutralistNoodle knew that his next base would have to be not just secure, but top secret. He became paranoid due to the fact that his first two bases, PastaBowl and Zymarikopoli, were both compromised by his own mistakes. Tjestrypa was to be an underground base.

First, the top floor was set up. Consisting of two adjacent cave spider spawners which provide players with XP to repair valuable mending gear. Next, JustRez and JohnzyFetusboy were invited to the base.



Soon after the 2 players were invited to the base construction on some other necessities was initiated. The second floor was to hold a much-needed wood farm. In addition to this, to the sides of the wood farm was placed some artifacts found by the players. The second floor contains a seaweed farm as well.


Next, work on the third floor was started. This floor contained a large cafeteria-like area. This structure was surrounded by storage. Beyond the storage was put the food farm, and the cactus farm. Beyond those two farms were the spleef arena and the skeleton farm.



The fourth-floor entrance was a large staircase that led to the collection area for the cactus farm. The fourth floor housed the slime farm, and the map of Ascaris ungriefed.



Exodus of the Men Hyogi-kai

After the Tinsz Plot, the members the Men Hyogi-kai left the base. This left the base under the control of tinsz. It was renamed to Retardia.


  • JustRez
  • JohnzyFetusboy
  • tinsz (New Owner)
  • Tastycarrots

Trusted allies:

  • Unix_2010