Men Hyogi-kai

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Men Hyogi-kai
Men Hyogi-kai.png
Name: Men Hyogi-kai

Status: Merged with Ailvalcea

Formed: 12/9/2019
Disbanded: 10/9/2020

Members: NeutralistNoodle, JohnzyFetusboy, JustRez, tinsz, Tastycarrots, DiGGing4Gold, Nagol101, Qyburn_, VisionShift, cavehoe, sly_coon_1216
Bases: Various, Zymarikopoli, Tjestengrad, PastaBowl, Tjestrypa, Atherius, Noodle Town, Mavossa,

Men Hyogi-kai Refers to NeutralistNoodle's small group on simpvp in 2019. It was the direct successor to the Pasta Empire of 2018. In fact, Men Hyogi-kai translates to "Pasta council", a more democratic version of the Pasta Empire. They were proud members of the Bloc for Clans. They were disliked by Shadow Mcmafia. Later the BfC was annexed undemocratically by the church of Francis. At that point, the Men Hyogi-kai were seen as allies by the Mcmafia and the Republic up until, and beyond the point that they merged with Ailvalcea. Like most groups on simpvp the Men Hyogi-kai and it's relations with other groups on the server changed over its 10-month existence.

The Great Tinsz Plot

Just a few days after tinsz arrived at Tjestrypa, he became what he described as "bored". This was a problem because tinsz described himself as a "griefer", and desired to create chaos on the server. Although the Men Hyogi-kai was at war with the Dominion, Shadow McMafia, and The Conspiracy in accordance with the rules of the Bloc for Clans, and their Intervention War, there was not much that Neutralist and his group could do to help out. They could not get access to any coords to bases of any of the groups they were at war with, and tinsz really needed to grief something.

One day tinsz offered the group an ultimatum. He stated that he had been talking to TheOnlySlash on Discord and that he wanted to trick him into believing that he and the other members of the Men Hyogi-kai had broken up, and were on bad terms. He highly insinuated that failing to go along with his plan would result in him leaking the base Tjestrypa to TheOnlySlash, and that he should be provided instead with coords to other BfC bases to give to slash to gain his trust. The plan was made over the course of a few hours.

Step one: Neutralist would claim that his base was griefed, and a large pit in the ground would be exploded and excavated in a manner that made it look like a base was there. The wiki would be updated as such, and video of the griefed build was planned to be put on both his, and JohnzyFetusboy's YouTube channels. The coords to the fake griefed base would be sent by tinsz to TheOnlySlash as proof of the validity of the grief. This was meant to help tinsz gain his trust slightly, but it is also to give the appearance of distress from NeutralistNoodle, and his clan.

Step two: Neutralist was to use this "event" to gain access to multiple BfC allied bases through Lord1. He would be trusted due to his perfect record of not griefing a single base on simpvp. He would then record the coords of all the bases, and give them to tinsz. tinsz would then give the bases to TheOnlySlash, and grief them with him.

Step three: With the BfC eliminated, the next target was the Dominion and it's allies. tinsz would use all the help he had given to Slash to allow him to join the Dominion, and access many of its bases. He would record the coords of those bases, and then give them to Neutralist. The two would then grief all of those bases.

Step four: With the main factions of the server greatly crippled, tinsz would return to Tjestrypa. The Men Hyogi-kai would have a chance to become more powerful on the server. The details of the plan were to never be revealed so as to not sow distrust amongst existing allies. In addition to this Tjestrypa would be believed to be griefed, and thus interest in finding it would halt. Neutralist could then enjoy livestreaming on new BfC bases with the knowledge that his real main base was still intact.

The plan was working better than planned, with Lord1 simply granting Neutalist access to his base out of the blue. However, Neutralist did not like being blackmailed by tinsz, and did not want to betray his allies just to ensure his base was not griefed so behind everyone in his group's back, he revealed the plan to Lord1, essentially killing it. Upon realizing that the plan was dead, tinsz seized control of Tjestrypa, and the rest of the Men Hyogi-kai abandoned it.

After this event, tinsz was no longer a member of the Men Hyogi-kai.

It was later found that tinsz had no intention of doing any of this and was baited into thinking like this. And then the other Men Hyogi-kai members assumed that he would blackmail them so they left without informing tinsz which said that he would rather keep the base and his friends that follow-through with it, even since then tinsz has lost the trust of the other Men Hyogi-kai members.


After the "Tinsz Plot", The members of the Men Hyogi-kai joined Atherius.

Atherius was originally a base founded by Blockplanet94 housing fewer members, after he invited Aaron_pamajamos people were annoyed and wanted to leave the base. A new Atherius was founded without him.

The few districts of the base include:

Eliteman Town This part of the base was where the rich lived and built. These builds include the Atherian Court, Melon Boiz Inc. HQ (Former) and Tenced's house and smeltery.


Dirtgrubville This is the first part of atherius built. Builds include Block's house and the public storage.


Oogaboogia This part of Atherius holds the biggest builds which include the arena (unfinished), NeutralistNoodle's castle and the Johnzy and co. HQ


BC Membership

The first edition of Atherius became a Bloc for Clans member on the 9th of December but the newer and more known Atherius this wiki is on inherited the membership. Atherius helped the Bloc design and test their legals system through various court cases and diplomatic discussions.

Atherius's End

Atherius was Discovered by Azdin on January 14th 2020, the base had NeutralistNoodle and JohnzyFetusboy afk. Azdin attacked NeutralistNoodle but he came back and ran away. JohnzyFetusboy however was really afk and died. Lord1 turned up and fought Azdin in the sky for about 10 mins and when Azdin tried run away, Lord caught him and killed him but gave back his stuff in return for no griefing, raiding or leaking of Atherius.

Noddle Town

Noodle Town was created after the incident at Atherius. The base is at a large distance from spawn, and JohnzyFetusboy and NeutralistNoodle were taken out that far by Lord1. Construction began at a rapid pace right after the city was founded.

Noodle Town1.png

Noodle Town2.png

However, construction soon slowed as Johnzy became dissatisfied with basing with NeutralistNoodle. He took all the valuables from the base which caused Neutralist to leave near the end of February 2020. This left the base in the full ownership of JohnzyFetusboy aka 2b2twink.


Mavossa.png "Mavossa main building under construction"

After spending time out in the millions, Pasta decided to move to a more reasonable distance from spawn and base with other players again. On April 15th, 2020, Mavossa was founded as a base completely over the ocean. Initially, it was planned to just be a small spawn base, but it slowly grew over time to be LordPastaYT's main base due to the number of farms located at it.

The members of Mavossa Included:

  • VisionShift (former)


During Tjestrypa:

  • JustRez
  • JohnzyFetusboy
  • tinsz
  • Tastycarrots
  • DiGGing4Gold

Trusted allies:

  • Unix_2010

During Atherius:

  • JustRez
  • JohnzyFetusboy
  • Tastycarrots

During Noodle Town:

  • JustRez
  • JohnzyFetusboy

During Mavossa:

  • VisionShift